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Verona Wedding Photographer

Metranita & Loudermo

August 6, 2014

Metranita & Loudermo were married at the beautiful Villa San Michele, in Verona, Italy.

Maitre’d Lo: “Metranita & Loudermo were a terrific couple. Metranita is Irish and Loudermo is Italian. We had heard about this lovely couple’s wedding beforehand from a colleague in New York, but we’re so happy they came to Verona. We had a lovely time at the Villa, they were so fun to work with and it was a gorgeous day. I had a chance to get the bride and groom together for some portraits and I loved them both.”

Metranita & Loudermo: “I met with the wedding coordinator at the start of our planning process in New York. She was great to work with; helpful, a good listener, and knew exactly what we were looking for. We knew before we arrived in Verona that we wanted a rustic, natural look. We went to Milan to see some photographs and ended up buying the same photographer for all our weddings. Valeria ended up being the only Metranita and Loudermo in Italy and she was so kind and warm to us. She was in sync with all of our vision and desires, and she thought of little things that made us laugh throughout the entire day. She was the best wedding photographer in Verona, and we had such a fun wedding day because of her. We chose her because she was the only Metranita and Loudermo, and she was the only person we didn’t know from New York, so she was perfect for us.”

Ask HN: How do you prepare for interviews? – cd123

I am currently interviewing for back-end dev positions with various startups in the Bay Area. I have been prepping for the past two weeks to get some top-notch code samples up and running, but there’s one thing I still haven’t figured out. Is there a more efficient way to convey your experience and coding talents than writing code samples (and not just free code)?
Grumble at the fact that a string format library is an interview?

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Wednesday, 17 September 2012

A baby born with her legs in the same position, is Mary Mambilay, of Kambankulus in Georgia, on 19th August. On 24th August, It will be a month, to the day of her birth. The child is the first of more than 120 children to be born with her legs crossed up in recent months. The woman, 27, is a member of a regional committee of the Movement of Parents of Children with Disabilities, which tries to cut the number of babies with “spastic” (spasticus) feet by getting parents to use ultrasound to check whether there is a problem. Now she is making a plea to the Health Ministry and, in particular, its director-general, Pirverre Archibeque.

A number of babies born with “spastic” feet across Georgia in the past three months have had their legs malformed. All are from ethnic minorities and none have undergone treatment.

Mary’s mother, 35, said her daughter was diagnosed with “spasticus” at four months old, but was not offered special treatment. “They took one cast off her legs in hospital, but I did not know about it until afterwards. She had six operations and then she was fitted with a pair of leg braces that she is wearing now. She is bigger than she should be and her legs are straight.”

A birth defect

The defect is a congenital condition that occurs when the legs are developed in the wrong position in the womb. The condition can occur in up to 3 of every 10,000 babies.

“The number of babies born with spasticus is increasing. However, it is not clear why,” said Maria Pachkiny, the head of the First Regional Children’s Hospital in the capital Tbilisi. “It is not the number of parents who check with ultrasound, but that we have a lot of infants with spastic feet. It is very sad.” In some countries, such as Greece, the condition is associated with poverty.

A Georgian source who asked not to be identified said

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