DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours was ported to PlayStation®4 under the title Metal Black. DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours launched for PS Vita in Japan on February 28, 2014.
PlayStation®4 version supports PS Vita features such as cross-play, cross-save, remote play and trophies.
The content does not work on PlayStation®3.
DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours is not a free game. The free of charge content in this version is merely an extended demo version.
Please note that content of the full version may vary from the free demo version depending on the platform and region.


The Southern Hemisphere’s earliest inhabitants were the Marikai, a fiercely intelligent and technically skilled nomadic group of hunter-gatherers. A people of fearsome warriors, the Marikai are a resourceful and industrious people, and live in the southern half of the Australasian continent. Those that survive their harsh lifestyle develop a dark personality, holding long grudges against all who harm them.

Set in an alternate time line where war between humans and Marikai had divided the continents, they live in a barren and inhospitable world. The survivors of the nuclear war now call this land Metal Earth. The Marikai and humans who survived the war have been separated by millennia.

The Marikai are known as the ‘warrior tribe’, and it is their people who pursue the ‘leader’, a mysterious and unseen group of underground beings. The leader is a mysterious figure, driving the Marikai to fight against all who oppose them. The destruction of the underground sphere has brought the leader into the open, and it is up to the Marikai to defeat them.

Developed by Taito corporation, the Metal Black series is a fast-paced, bullet-dodge action RPG, which turns the genre on its head.

Play as a race of warriors known as Marikai, who live in a barren world. Craft weapons from metal scraps to dispatch the enemies that inhabit your world.

The Marikai are a fierce race of people, and are known as “the warrior tribe”. They live in a desolate and inhospitable world known as Metal Earth. When a mysterious sphere of metal bursts through the crust of the Earth, it crushes Marikai civilization into oblivion.

The sphere falls into the hands


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    System Requirements For WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship:

    * Windows 7/8/10
    * Dual Core Processor or better
    * 2GB RAM
    * DirectX11
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