Whois Lookup Crack+ Free License Key [Win/Mac]

This software is developed to support you to quickly check who is the owner of a given domain. The software is able to do just that. But you can also find out other interesting things about the owner.
Whois Lookup uses inbuilt Windows API to identify the relevant information that you can find about the owner of a domain.
What Else Can I Find Using This Software?
The Whois lookup software can also help you find out the status, provider, location, hosted or hosted zones. Apart from that, you can also get a quick view of the registrant contact info of a domain, like the admin contact, tech and billing contact.
It can also allow you to check if the provided name and address is valid.
In addition to that, this software can also check if a domain name is in free as well as parked mode.
What is it Not?
Although it can help you to view the register info of a domain, you cannot change it, but you can just read the info provided by it.
The database that Whois lookup uses is quite large. Also, you cannot view it on the website.
How Much Does It Cost?
This software is completely free to use. There is no need to go anywhere else for free software. It is just meant to be used for basic information about the owner of a domain.
The pro version of this software can be purchased for one time payment. But you have to pay for the license key.

How to use it

Step 1
Download it from the top right corner.

Step 2
After installing the software, now you will be taken to the main window of the software

Step 3
If you want to search for a domain name, now you just need to go to the directory bar at the top, search for the domain name and you will see all the details regarding the domain name with the name as the file title

We provide full support for the software. In case you ever need any help, you can reach us at [email protected]

What Does Whois Lookup Do?
Whois lookup is a fully functional software which was created to find out the details about your domain name and registrant and contact info. It will provide you all the necessary details with which you can contact the owner of the domain name.
Whois lookup provides you with the following information about your domain name and owner.

• Complete registration

Whois Lookup Crack+ PC/Windows (Final 2022)

A simple, easy-to-use utility for all those who are looking to
keep track of every relevant details regarding their websites
and to contact the website’s admins.

Last update: May 24, 2019
What is Whois lookup Crack Mac?
From Wikipedia,

The whois protocol is a suite of protocols enabling administrative
and technical information about the domain name space to be
interrogated on the Internet. It is used for two separate purposes,
administrative and technical.
Administrative uses for the whois protocol include who owns a domain
name, how to contact the owner, and to make changes to the domain name.
The technical uses for the whois protocol include the discovery of
information about the network servers which host website information.
The whois protocol is standardized by IETF RFC 1466.

The Whois lookup utility works with the following features:

Data from domain registrars.
HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP servers.
Unpublished public IP addresses.
Private IP addresses.
Every major whois server, and a few lesser known servers.

How to find who is the owner of a given domain name?
Simply, you can use the whois lookup utility and the specified domain name to get the information on the registered owner and the registrar of the domain name.
How to do it?
(Please see the link below for the answer)

Click here for the answer (full step by step walkthrough)


domain-name.org is a public service provider of Domain Information.
Provide domain information for free. Many other websites and computer programs are extremely expensive.
domain-name.org is a website domain registration service. If you have a domain name, or are considering registering a domain name, you need domain-name.org.
The main advantage of using our free and easy to use service, is that you will be able to quickly and easily find out exactly what is required to register your desired domain name.
What is a 'Whois Lookup’?
A whois lookup is a online search engine which lists the technical details about a domain name. The domain name owner is identified when the registrar returns the registrar’s contact information.
It is also possible to register your domain name anonymously.
Does a Whois Lookup solve my problem?
The Whois service allows us to quickly and easily find out exactly what

Whois Lookup Serial Key

Retrieve data about your domain name.
Record WHOIS information

Version tested and reviewed


Best Features & Benefits

Simple and intuitive to use

Windows and Android app available

Packed with an innovative and easy-to-use interface

Limitations & Drawbacks

Does not support Windows 10

No updates for quite a long time

Whois lookup 3.3

The interface is not overly modern, and is particularly complicated, as you have to enter a large number of options. Therefore, If you already have a registration with a company, then you might consider verifying the information manually, as Whois lookup can’t do that for you.
Whois lookup Technical Review

Whois lookup just became a lot better by making the process fast, easy, and efficient.

We’re now listing Whois lookup as one of the best free software for Windows PC. It has simplified the process, and has made it easier for almost everyone to search for domain name owners.

Moreover, Whois lookup is quite easy to operate, as the only thing you have to do is select the site which you want to know about, put in the domain name, and hit the Start button. After that, the entire process is over and done with.

Our team has carefully tested the tool, and it worked fine for all visitors. It means that you have nothing to worry about. This is a must-have software when you need to find out more about a domain name.

Whois lookup Release Date

You should note that Whois lookup is not available for free download in its latest version.

There is no free version, so you will need to download this app for $24.95.

Whois lookup Pricing

Users can get the standard version of Whois lookup for $24.95, but there is an express one as well which is available for $29.95.

Whois lookup Free Version

Yes, you can download Whois lookup for free. However, you need to be patient, as Whois lookup does not appear to be updated for quite a long time.

You can only search for the information about the registrant of a domain name, but you can’t search for the updated information. This means that you have to connect it to your account at a third party which does.

Whois lookup Free Trial

What’s New In?

What is Whois?
The domain name registrar is the organization which manages the identification of websites, and allows domain owners to set up personalized domain names. The same organization which manages the hosting service too, and thus is in charge of maintaining websites.
Whois is a record of every contact point of a domain name. It is a database of all the DNS records, such as email addresses, server hosting details, IP addresses, and the administrative details of a domain.
Most importantly, it enables users to view the name of the registrant, their contact details, billing account details, and administrative details, as well as the current DNS record, and other information.
There are several Whois lookup tools available to the public, but our pick is Whois lookup.
What is Whois lookup?
Whois lookup is a free Whois domain lookup tool. This is a computer software which can help you search for details about the registrants of a domain name.
This useful tool does not require you to download a third-party application, but it does require installation. Therefore, after you download the program, double-click on the file icon and follow the instructions on the pop-up screen to begin installation.
To learn more about using Whois lookup, here is a quick video tutorial.
Whois lookup is a free application and can be downloaded for free, no registration required. It is a portable app, so no installation is required.

Whois Lookup Software is the best tool to find any information about a domain name.





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System Requirements For Whois Lookup:

Multiplayer – Required
60 fps
OS: Windows 10 64 bit (or Windows 7 SP1)
CPU: Intel i5-4590 2.90 GHz
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4600
DirectX 11.0 Compatible Video Card:
HDCP compatible display with HDMI connector
Additional Notes:
Audio – Required
If you are using the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive this is not required, but if you


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