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Customize your PDF documents anytime, any way you want. Save time. Transform your PDF documents into a stand-out present with your company Logo or branding as the visual stamp.
Create any custom stamp directly on PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat, no need to open up Adobe Acrobat and create new PDF documents.

PDF Stamp supports all major Acrobat versions, including 8, 9, X and 10, and can be integrated to Acrobat 8/9/10.
The Stamp item can be added to any document or form in Acrobat by dragging and dropping it onto any page. You can also stamp a custom stamp directly on the page.
The Stamp item is reusable, which means you can easily copy and paste it to other documents and forms.

Stamps come in 3 types:
– Access Control Stamps: These stamps will automatically be created for certain areas of your document. For example, you can create stamps for 'confidential’, 'top secret’, 'proprietary’ or 'not to be reproduced in part or in whole’.
– Typographic Stamps: You can create a stamp for your company logo. This item can be also used as the background for Text, Drawing or other items.
– Overlay Stamps: These stamps can be used to highlight specific text or objects in your document or form, similar to labels.

Remember, once you created a stamp, you can reuse it multiple times. You can also export the stamp item to XML and store your stamps in your PDF documents or Acrobat journals.

VisualStamp Cracked 2022 Latest Version Component Overview

VisualStamp works directly with Acrobat and can be added to all 8th edition and up as well as PDF documents and forms.

VisualStamp has been tested for:

Acrobat 8

Acrobat 9

Acrobat X

VisualStamp Component Architecture

VisualStamp is a standalone Acrobat component. It was designed and tested for Acrobat 8 / 9/ X. But it can also work fine with Acrobat 10.

VisualStamp is a standalone Acrobat component, so there are no dependencies on external Java classes or external files. VisualStamp has been tested for Acrobat 8 / 9/ X, but it also supports Acrobat 10.

VisualStamp is a component and not an add-in. It was designed so that it can be used with Acrobat and then also used as a standalone component.

Stamping is

VisualStamp Crack + [Mac/Win]

Stamps in the PDF® family are…

VisualStamp Description
Stamps in the PDF® family are easy to use visual tools. With a few clicks you can add customized stamps to individual pages of a PDF document.
VstampStamps Demo is a small but powerful toolkit that contains all the stamps you need for your digital publishing projects…

VisualStamp Description
Stamps in the PDF® family are easy to use visual tools. With a few clicks you can add customized stamps to individual pages of a PDF document.
VstampStamps Demo is a small but powerful toolkit that contains all the stamps you need for your digital publishing projects…

Since its launch in 2013, VisualStamp has rapidly become an industry standard for PDF stamping. Not only do you get a full-featured demo, you also get a feature-packed version that includes a complete custom stamp library, the ability to specify page ranges, and a handy set of…

VisualStamp Demo 4 adds a custom stamp library to VisualStamp 4’s stamping functions. With a few clicks, you can easily create customized stamp images that are added to every page in your PDF documents. VisualStamp Demo 4 is a direct upgrade to VisualStamp 4 and…

VisualStamp Demo 5 is a direct upgrade to VisualStamp 4 and includes the advanced functionality that has made VisualStamp a staple of PDF stamping. Now you can add a set of stamps to a document and then export it to separate files without having to re-enter your stamp settings….*]{} if the limit set of $f^n(x)$ is contained in a periodic domain of $\mathbb{T}^2$ for all large values of $n$.

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VisualStamp Crack Free

Visual Stamp is a simple PDF stamping tool.
Visual Stamp may be used without any Adobe Acrobat software.
This standalone Visual Stamp window works in any Windows Explorer window.

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Added on: 22.04.2008

Thursday, March 29, 2008

February 05, 2008 – EasyPDF’s PDF Stamping Software integrates the leading PDF stamping programs including: VisualStamp – Stamps PDF, Stampdoc – Stamps PDF, StampPDF – Stamps PDF, PStamp – Stamps PDF, QuickStamp – Stamps PDF, Stampit – Stamps PDF, Stamp Doctor – Stamps PDF, StampMaster – Stamps PDF, and more. With EasyPDFs PDF Stamping Software you can now have a single program which can be used to easily stamp all your PDF documents or just a few of them. No matter what program you use to make your PDF documents, it does not matter to EasyPDFs PDF Stamping Software as it reads all the forms of stamping formats. One of the other great features of EasyPDFs PDF Stamping Software is its ability to create professional looking stamps to stamp your PDF documents so that your PDF documents look great and you can quickly identify the pages you want stamped. A feature of EasyPDFs PDF Stamping Software is its ability to even save you the time stamping your PDF documents. Once you stamp your PDF documents, you can stamp a new PDF document with the same stamps just by opening your saved stamps.
EasyPDF’s PDF Stamping Software also works with the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Professional, and Adobe Acrobat Pro. You can also customize PDF stamps to fit your needs.

„Thousands of people enjoy visualPDF’s software because it is easy to use. I have used this software on more than 10 different computers without losing a single stamp, even when the documents where copied to disk. This software does exactly what I need.”

„I love this software! Once I registered it, it worked perfectly the first time. Thanks.”

„Just upgraded from VisualStamp 7 to VisualStamp 8 and everything works great.”

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the standard application that Adobe makes available to read Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. These files are the standard format for creating Portable Document Format (PDF) documents and have been available in the electronic form for

What’s New in the?

With the VisualStamp product, you can quickly and easily add your logo and text to every page of your PDF document, without having to edit the document, or make any formatting changes to the text. All you need is a photo you want to stamp, and your text to be stamped, and you’re ready to go! You can stamp your PDF document in any color, in any font, and with any transparency, as long as it’s legible. You can even stamp PDFs at multiple resolutions and/or zoom levels.
VisualStamp Features:
– Easy Stamp:
– Add a logo, text and/or transparency to your entire PDF file.
– Stamp on any page of your PDF
– Works at any resolution & zoom level
– Work on any color, and with any transparency
– Legible stamp:
– your stamp can be read regardless of the font, color, or transparency of your PDF document
– Watermark:
– Your stamp can be lifted from your PDF for use on other documents
– Customizable stamp:
– The logo, text, and transparency of your stamp can all be individually customized
– Easy to use:
– No computer skills required. All you need is an image you want to stamp and text you want to stamp
– Can be easily used for both personal & business use
– Can be used in many different ways:
– Stamping a document is great for sharing private information, keeping clients up to date on projects, and publishing your contact info
– Stamping a document is also great for use in a brochure, or even a box for shipping a physical product

You can stamp any number of JPEG, GIF or PNG image files at different page sizes and resolutions, in any color as needed.
Watermark image files:
You can stamp any number of image files in any color or transparency.
Custom stamp:
You can change the size, opacity, colors, and frame of any stamp image you choose.
Full customization:
You can change the font, color, or opacity of the text on a stamp; change the position and borders of the stamp image; change the shadow, hilight, and color of the stamp image; and rotate and scale the stamp image.
Unlimited images:
You can stamp with as many images as you want.
Image rotation:
You can rotate stamp images to create the appearance of various objects.
Image Opacity:
You can set the transparency of stamp

System Requirements For VisualStamp:

A 64-bit operating system.
Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher.
A video card with at least 512 MB of video RAM, and Windows XP/Vista/7 requires a Pentium 4 or later processor.
Quad-core CPU is recommended.
Video card:
AMD Radeon R9 280
ATI Radeon HD7950
Intel Core i5-6400
AMD Phenom II X4 940

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