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Software: Virtuossosecretosdelsaxofonvol2gratiszip
Type: Trial
Language: Multi Lang
Size: 156.58 MBusing System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

namespace LibZ.Interop
/// The AudioMeter struct which is a struct used to configure the AudioMeter’s properties
public struct AudioMeter
public Byte Policy;
public Byte Precision;
public Byte ReferenceLevel;
public Byte ReferenceBandwidth;
public Byte InputMeasurement;
public Byte AbsoluteInputLevel;
public Byte Gain;
public Byte ValueScale;
public Byte Minimum;
public Byte Maximum;
public Byte AutoMode;
public Int16 LastValue;
public Int16 LastValueAuto;
public Int16 LastValueTickCount;
public Int16 MaxValue;
public Int16 MinValue;
public Int16 MaxValueTickCount;
public Int32 LastValueLong;
public Int32 LastValueAutoLong;
public Int32 LastValueTickCountLong;

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