TriCaster Advanced. rr-0110. Download the TRICASTER. The TRICASTER TC1 Advanced Edition is a professional-quality single. TRICASTER TC1 Advanced Edition, located at the TriCaster TC1 homepage, and is essentially the same as the TC1 Advanced Edition, so if you’ve .
TriCaster‘s flagship product, the TriCaster TC1, is a single-card, stand-alone video switcher with advanced features. It comes with more than 500 presets and you can use third-party video and audio.. you can upgrade to the TC1 Advanced Edition by downloading and installing the TC1 Advanced Edition software.
TriCaster Advanced Edition 2.1.1; TriCaster Advanced Edition. TRICASTER TC1 Advanced Edition Software- TRECASTER TC1 Advanced Edition Software.. TriCaster TC1 Advanced Edition software and hardware accessories.
The new TRICASTER TC1 Advanced Edition software makes it easy to work with non-linear video production programs. . software for production and post-production professionals.
Find the TriCaster TC1 Advanced Edition review and related news that tell you everything you need to know to make a decision on your next video switcher.
Contact us for more information,.
TriCaster TC1 Advanced Edition software is a professional video editing and special effects software by NewTek for production and post-production studios .
Find the video production software you need to edit, produce, and optimize your video editing needs. . The TRICASTER TC1 advanced edition software, which was developed by NewTek .
The TRICASTER TC1 advanced edition software, which was developed by NewTek, is a single-card, stand-alone, professional video.
16Dec 2015 Newtek TriCaster TC1 Advanced Edition Video Production Software. I have 3 versions of the TRICASTER TC1 advanced edition software. I. Newtek video production software has long been used for editing,.. It is suitable for those who have a high level.
7 Dec 2014 The TRICASTER TC1, which is the video production software component of the new Studio, is a single-card, stand-alone…
The soft­ware to imple­ment the fully fledged cap­i­tal of a video ser­vice, which allows you to work direct­ly on the pro­duc

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Flexbox in phone?

I have used a flexbox as a main way to lay out the layout. It seems to work on the laptop/desktop, however there seems to be a problem with how this layout looks on phones or phones with Android 4.4+. On a desktop/laptop display, the four view areas seem to be laid out the same (i.e. width does not vary between section 1, 2, 3, 4). However on an Android phone or Android 4.4+, width does vary between the 4 view areas.
The code I have is as follows:

and in CSS
display: flex;
flex-direction: row;
flex-wrap: wrap;

.view {
width: 32.5%;
height: 300px;
display: flex;
flex-direction: row;
flex-wrap: wrap;

.view1 {

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