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„Like the name of the game suggests, the game is about alien life, and it is a strategy game with a great emphasis on the player’s intelligence.” – GameRule
About The Game:
Oozi: Earth Adventure was designed by Yuliya Yavorskaya. It is published and distributed by The Game Piaf.
About The Game:
«The Big Boss and Mafiosi Spasm also represent the atmosphere and the humorous dialogues. The latter having a strong (alien) accent of the Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash. They are funny, but the most tragic moments of this game are even more tragic than in Lost in Space (1994).» – Game Piaf
About The Game:
Oozi: Earth Adventure Game Piaf will be the first ever science-fiction game with an actual, real-life story about alien space exploration. Game Piaf plans to release an adventure about the abduction of a UFO with the intention to send it to the Earth. The target of the game is to put the UFO on the Earth. The player’s task is to explore alien structures, find good places for the landing of the UFO and leave a signature for the future.
About The Game:
Oozi: Earth Adventure takes place on Mars and was designed by Yuliya Yavorskaya and Nikolai Spirin. When the game was initially released it was the first Russian game to have been published by a company other than Sovex, being published by The Game Piaf.
About The Game:
Mars Adventure is a solar system simulation game. The game takes place on Mars, the fifth planet from the Sun, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The game starts with you on the surface of Mars. You will be able to board every spacecraft in the Mars-Jupiter system, including the Red Planet. There are ten spacecraft available (four varieties of commercial, government and mission spacecraft each with three models and different functionality, and six varieties of scientific spacecraft). The ships are also available for civilian purposes.
About The Game:
Oozi: Earth Adventure takes place on Mars and was designed by Yuliya Yavorskaya. It was released by Game Piaf.
About The Game:
Oozi: Mars Adventure also takes place on Mars and was designed by Yuliya Yavorskaya. It was released by Game Piaf.
About The Game:
Oozi: Space



  • High quality graphics and 3D effects


    • Epic fantasy adventure mix elements of RPG and visual novel + comedy arcade game —
      for relax, hunting and fun.



    • Game videos added!

    Includes new wallpapers

    • Epic – life there is always an epic
    • Animals – you can meet animals there

    Hi, Rieko! – Thank you

    • Miko (for clarification: the game is based on the events from the beginning of the story was first published on the Japanese Wikipedia, not on Wikipedia itself)
    • Jaye (the English translation is available at the first release!
    • Thanks to everyone who helped translating the game!


    TRAACS List (updated regularly)


    • Taiihanayori – MetisLab – iTeam Phoenix? – AM.Otaku
    • Shinkuro-san – Unknown
    • Jason Simelson – ElectronPick! – Senpai Trading – Jun Mikuriya – Nobilis Software
    • Gordon – Diamond Cowboy – Epsilon Project – Montana – yama, Fatihar, Kusuma
    • ASH – Ichiya
    • Michiyo Ohmura – Madoka
    • Masataka Dongornt – HelloIulian, Yuka 

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      Subnautica is an open-world ocean exploration game with a focus on survival and peaceful exploration. Play your way through a stunning landscape as you discover what lies beneath the waves. Carry out research to discover the mysteries of this world and its inhabitants, including mammals. You must navigate the wilderness to survive, craft items to craft more advanced gear, and adapt your character to the world you’re discovering.
      Subnautica supports multiplayer for up to four players on the same console.
      Key Features:
      Explore an Open World – Sea Life – Craft Items – Multiplayer – Reactive Story – Evolutionary Campaign

      1. Install the game
      2. Install the game with Steam (you can launch the game and enable Steam overlay to use the menu)
      3. Wait for some time for the game to fully launch.
      4. Copy the contents of the folder inside the „Steam\steamapps\common” or „Steam\steamapps\common\subnautica” (this is the default folder where most games installed through steam are stored) to the root of your hard drive.
      5. Start the game. If the Steam overlay is on, go into it and open the sound menu. Select „Configure Sound” and choose the new sound file to use.

      Music and voice work by Ben Prunty
      Additional material by KitofMayhem
      artwork by Matt Codd

      Changelog 2.3.0:
      – Explore the island and dive to the depths of the sea!
      – Data/Experimental missions are now available and the game is able to spawn them. This means that we need to collect a specific quantity of resources in order to be able to spawn any of them.
      – Divers can now use the fishing equipment without the help of the animation.
      – Added the „Respect” species check in the „Small” and „Medium” creatures.
      – Added the „Empathy” „Stay” and „Avoid” options for creatures. This means that animals will no longer get upset and they won’t run away if you decide to stay close to them.
      – Pack animals now have a chance to start „Outside” and „Inside” points of view. This means that you will be able to see them from their perspective if they are in the pack.
      – Added new network thread. This means that the game will be able to communicate with server. In order to test it,


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      Games and Entertainment

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      What’s new:



      Kurzi Urs Orchiterte

      La Birse Diable

      La Birse Kabairatte

      La Mère Bull

      La Mère Ferme

      La Mère Grue

      La Mère Lionne

      La Mère Maloney

      La Mère Mauve

      La Mère Pluie

      La Mère Poulain

      La Mère Rostik

      La Mère Veuve

      Le Ménégale

      Le Ménégale Fermière

      Les Petites Etapes du Bouclier

      Les Skoll

      L’Antichambre de la Bonne Mère

      L’Appareil du Laboureur

      L’Appareil du Laboureur Épicurien

      La Boussole

      L’Heure Coutumière

      L’Immobilier Catimitière

      L’Incorrigible Joséphine

      L’Oasis Surabondante

      L’Oasis La Victoire

      L’Oasis Slava

      L’Oasis Surabondante Oiseau d’or

      L’Oasis Surabondante Oiseau jouant

      L’Oasis Surabondante Oiseau du présent

      L’Oasis Surabondante Oiseau Vert

      L’Oasis Vert

      L’Ongles de St Laurent

      L’Ongles de St Valéry

      L’Ongles de St Valéry Les Écossais

      L’Ongles de St Valéry des Oiseaux Japonais

      L’Ongles des Écus

      L’Ongles du Minette

      L’Ongles du Minette aux Leones

      L’Ongles du Minette au Couchon

      L’Ongles du Minette au Minet

      L’Ongles du Minette au Roquet

      L’Ongles du Minette au Manteau

      L’Ongles du Minette aux St Germains

      L’Ongles du Minette aux Voltigeurs

      L’Ongles du Minette aux Wapris



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      – Play solo or in local co-op with up to 4 players.
      – Several unique mission challenges in multiplayer modes.
      – The single player campaign has 60 unique missions.
      – The single player campaign allows player to create and share unique challenges.
      – Command a fleet of helicopters. Attack the enemy with support from a variety of air and ground units.
      – The best of the best – Multiplayer rankings of all participating players!
      – The best players become the best sailors on the NA server.
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      I’m making a follow-like app. Users are able to search for other users and add them to their favourites(maybe add them to their interest list too). However, I’m getting an error in a line of code. The app opens and the user has to type the name of the user, then chooses 'Add to Favorites’ or 'Not Interested in’.
      Here is my current code:
      @IBAction func addToFavorites(sender: UIButton) {
      var query = PFQuery(className:”Favorite”)
      if (sender.currentTitle == „Add to Favorites”) {

      query.whereKey(„username”, equalTo: usernameText.text)
      query.findObjectsInBackgroundWithBlock {(objects, error)


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