You want to view all of the environment variables, including the ones that you created using set. I am not sure what shell you are using but the only one I am familiar with that works like that is bash.
set | column -t

Otherwise you can just check out the man page for the set command, e.g.:
$ man set

-s list the names of the variable and the values they are set to

Gap junctional intercellular communication via the hexameric membrane channel connexin 30 is required for normal airway epithelial physiology.
The mechanisms of airway epithelial regulation are poorly understood. Communication among airway epithelial cells could occur via gap junctions and via channels and transporters expressed on the apical surface of these cells. This study investigated the role of the connexin 30 (Cx30)-based channel and gap junction in airway physiology. Cx30 channels and channels formed by Cx30 plus other connexins were assessed by transfection of a Cx30 expression vector and gap junctional membrane permeability was examined in whole cell and cell surface biotinylation assays. Epithelial physiology was examined in wild-type mouse tracheal epithelial cells (MTECs) and in MTECs transfected with antisense sequences against Cx30 (MTEC-AS-Cx30). Immunofluorescence was used to detect Cx30. Whole cell and cell surface permeability studies revealed non-overlapping junctional permeability to small molecules that is attributable to Cx30 channels. Antisense-mediated block of Cx30 abolished the ability of MTECs to form functional epithelial channels and disrupted junctional permeability to nutrients and diffusion of the small molecule Lucifer yellow. The expression and localization of Cx30 to the junctional membranes of MTECs was confirmed using immunofluorescence. Mice deficient in Cx30 display lung morphological alterations consistent with squamous metaplasia and increased airway sensitivity to methacholine, compared to wild-type mice. Cx30 is an essential component of the airway epithelial junctional permeability barrier. Cx30 channels form at multiple epithelial surfaces, including the apical surface, making this connexin a


First of all, lets check your home. Why is it in Polish? Are you seeing this only on your PC? Is it for all Windows users on this system? Check if you are not using Terminal Server. This is because terminal server usually have „Polish” as local language for clients and this may lead to issues. Terminal Servers support UTF-8 as input encoding, while „C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Oracle\Java\javapath\sun\font\windows\DefaultFont.afm” is Windows specific and may have different encoding. To fix this firstly check if „C:\Program Files\Oracle\Java\javapath\sun\font” does exist or not. I highly suggest to rename it if it does not exist.
Check if there is any agent running on your machine:
netstat -an | find „tcp” | find „:8639” | more
The process id will be something like this:
If you find some, kill the process and check if this issue goes away.
Make sure you have antimalware program and it is running.
It may also be caused by local firewall settings. Do this check first if you have a firewall with your system.


why does this loop over an array cause double instance of my object?

I am making an app that contains a bunch of objects, when the user clicks a button it will create a new object of my class and throw it into an array.
The object contains images/places, text etc.
However I noticed it was adding an extra line to my array everytime the user clicks the button, also adding each image twice.
I can’t see why it is adding the second object each time the button is clicked.
My loop:
myImages.add(new ImageView(context));
for (String line : lines) {


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