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SmarterTrack 5.18.4 Download For Windows [Latest]

SmarterTrack is a ticketing system software that allows all involved parties to track and administer a company’s tickets and resolve them automatically. The application can be accessed from any modern web browser through its web page. All tickets can be viewed online as well as saved for later viewing.
Once a ticket is submitted, you’ll receive an email from the system administrator with ticket ID, which you can use to refer to it. For an easier experience, the system optionally generates a link for access from email clients, as well as other displays.
Configuring this product is fairly simple. You will be able to define a server and database parameters. The setup is also designed to configure the system parameters, as well as the resolution procedures.
An intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to configure and administer your own system. With customizable help, familiar icons, page reloading for efficiency, and a live chat function, your staff can benefit from a simpler handling experience.
SmarterTrack is an excellent tool for your customer service center. It provides a fast, intuitive and automated experience for your clients. It allows your staff to resolve tickets while checking out the progress of the resolution.

Partial list of features for SmarterTrack:



Simplify your life. Easily manage your customer service with this web-based service desk solution. Any time, anywhere, SmarterTrack captures the focus of your workflows. Manage all your tickets from the web, with a friendly interface, intuitive icons and instant search.


Fully-integrated with the web. We provide you with everything you need to support your customers and track and resolve their issues online. Install on your web server, and administer the application through a web-based interface. All your tickets, processes, and history data are available in real-time.


See all your tickets in one place. Whether you own just one company or hundreds, SmarterTrack is the web-based ticketing system you want. It’s lightweight, open source, flexible and offers great support options.


We’ve included every detail to make your life easier. Everything is well-designed and user-friendly. Smart

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SmarterTrack is a simple-to-use ticket management and workflow system designed for effective administration of inbound and outbound tickets and keeping track of important information associated with them.
The product’s visual and tabbed user interface is intuitive to use and provides new customers with a good first impression. Once a customer clicks on „submit,” he is directed to a ticket history that allows him to view active, waiting and closed tickets. It is easy to query and sort this list, as well as clear out and change the values of individual properties.
There’s also a built-in knowledgebase that allows clients to search for a topic and select target folders from the results. In addition to handy filters, the UI provides customizable drop-down lists. For those who can’t type in the comments, the SMARTERTRAK Web Chat component lets clients submit tickets via chat.
Other important features are integrated time tracking, a job request email feature, reminders and an intuitive timeline view for managing appointments.
SmarterTrack Pricing:
• Free plan includes hourly usage (up to 2 calls per hour).
• Unlimited plan includes system usage.
• Monthly and yearly subscriptions.
SmarterTrack UI:
Setting up is easy. You can create an account on the client side or run the tool directly from the server. You can also specify connection settings, such as the IP address, port number, service startup mode and authentication mode.
Intuitive interface for customers.
SmarterTrack enables clients to search the knowledgebase and choose a folder. Likewise, it gives them access to email, attachments and attachments. Tickets can be filed, modified, sent and replied to.
The free version of SMARTERTRAK allows unlimited clicks, reminders, chats and time tracking. It doesn’t cost anything per hour, but there are restrictions on the number of tickets. The premium version removes those limits.
Clear-cut interface for employees.
The UI allows clients to view active, closed and waiting tickets. They can click to access the history and search facility. Once tickets are sent, they can be replied to and their status can be updated.
The product features integration with Skype for VoIP, tasks, changes, time logs, reminders, custom time zones, online chat, reports, tags, categories, permissions and an administration module.
• Internet access is required to download and set up the tool.
• Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP/7/Vista/8/10/

SmarterTrack 5.18.4 Download

Make every customer interaction a delight, every ticket a delight, every customer-employee interaction a delight. The SmarterTrack help desk application is a complete CRM, a modern day help desk, fully-integrated with SMB ticketing solutions. With free editions available for up to 10 users, SmarterTrack is an affordable, reliable, and approachable ticketing system, empowering your business to engage and delight.
What are the features of SmarterTrack?
Progressive ajax support for mobile web browsers
Maintain maximum flexibility: send as many tickets as you like
Search engine friendly: intelligent keywords that work for tickets, calendar and knowledge base
Knowledge base: extend your ticket knowledge base with custom questions or a search box
Issue status & priority: tickets can be assigned to a category and can be closed or left open
Document management & sharing: attach and link documents from your computer
Email interface: send email reports to clients or use it as a ticketing application
Calendar: add users and roles to your own calendar and use a scheduled meeting
Online chat: add your online chat to your app, with it’s links to voice & video
Ticket history and analytics: create ticket history from ticket edits, comments, or attachments
Help desk: keep track of clients and customers who need assistance
Administration: add or change users, roles, and categories
Highly configurable and customizable
Mobile experience, big buttons, full screen viewing
Easy to setup and install
Easy-to-use platform
Ticket support, email support, help desk support
Database: MySQL and SQL Server
Powerful and advanced
More than 100 downloadable content items
What makes SmarterTrack stand out?
Progressive Ajax support for client-side interaction
SmarterTrack has a unique progressive Ajax system that allows it to adapt to all browser types. By developing the prototype version in HTML 5, we are able to enable HTML 5 features, not dependant on old browser support.
Request by Ajax method
The many Ajax calls are initiated in the following sequence:
1) Initial HTTP request to display the site
2) A click handler that changes the screen to a more detailed view
3) A separate click handler that initiates an Ajax call to an external service
4) A third click handler that retrieves the data from the external service
5) Ajax requests only when necessary
This progressive Ajax architecture allows for a smoother web experience.
Maintain maximum flexibility: send as many

What’s New In?

SmarterTrack is a website for helping the end users to submit and resolve the tickets in one place.
About the Author:
Seth Redline has been a system engineer and network administrator for over a decade. He is a co-author of Microsoft® Windows® 7 Troubleshooting and Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 Troubleshooting and has written articles on troubleshooting Windows, Linux, and database issues. He has also worked with Java, PHP, VB.NET and Photoshop.
Editor’s Note:
The purpose of this evaluation is to determine whether the product reviewed meets the needs of its target market.
SmarterTrack Hardware & Software Requirements
Installing SmarterTrack
The installation program is quite simple. However, you need to have MySQL Server 5.0.47 or later and a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later client edition.
Confidential information such as client names, email addresses and passwords may not be included in a public review, but they are added to the knowledge base.
Before starting
Please test and modify the web interface configuration settings for errors.

SmarterTrack Reviews



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money


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SmarterTrack is an easy to use product and very good to manage tickets.


Good for managing issues, categories, roles and employees. Easy to use.


Some bugs and alerts require attention.

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SmarterTrack is a good product but there are minor bugs in it. Moreover, also some alerts require attention. We recommend it as a good product.

Product availability can vary by store. See store location to confirm if product is available.

Online ordering and pickup service is available.

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Features to Note

Interactive UI

View and manage tickets, roles, and categories

Easily respond to comments and replies

Easily send feedback and tickets

Configure system and employee events

Manage roles

Support multiple languages

Full integration with popular VoIP services

Include custom scripts as plugins

Use a web or desktop interface

Scale to meet your needs


System Requirements For SmarterTrack:

– Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 series graphics card
– 2GB RAM minimum
– Nvidia Driver 361.54 or later (version 30 or later)
– Linux users need to have the nvidia-361 package installed on the system
– Additional notes below.
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