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Salt (2010) DIRECTORS CUT 1080p BRRip X264 AAC-YiFY

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The Bridge

Is a famous movie. So, i wish to download full version of this movie for direct view. But i couldn’t. This was a famous video(at least in India). I have registered myself with this site. But i didn’t get any responce.
So i want to know if you know any site where i can download it.
Thanks in advance.


There are several streaming services available, but you will need to find the one with the most broad selection of movies to make this simple. I am taking you to NewYIFY.
What you will see now is that the movie will appear with its original language and subtitles options. But for the torrent link to appear, you need to change the direct download to torrent in the settings. It will then have the torrent link you are looking for.
On the other hand, you can go to sites such as and other similar sites. However, make sure the torrents are free.

Yulia Tymoshenko’s 'torture cell’ case to be heard by ECHR Published duration 18 May 2012

image caption Yulia Tymoshenko had been serving a two-year jail sentence for abuse of power before she was granted bail last week

A Ukrainian court has begun hearing a landmark case against former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko over accusations that she was treated in a secret detention centre.

Tymoshenko is accused of abusing state power during a 2004 jailhouse beating of a senior parliamentary official who later died.

It is the first time the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has been asked to rule on a former Soviet state.

Tymoshenko was on Saturday released on bail pending the hearings.

On Monday she appeared in a Kiev courtroom charged with abuse of office over the detention centre incident.

'Released after a break’

The court also heard from two witnesses: a former colleague and a serving prison official.

Ms Tymoshenko was taken to a detention centre on 21 May 2004 after a disputed early parliamentary vote.

After being detained for more than a week, she was transferred to another place and, according to her testimony, she was physically and verbally abused by prison guards.

Ms Tymoshenko was held in a metal cell without furniture, in 22-degree Celsius temperatures, for 23 hours a day, and was given starvation rations for most of the time.

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