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„The fantasy action RPG boasts a refreshing world where you can collect, train, and evolve a vast party of diverse characters and use them to defend the Lands Between. As you travel in the Lands Between, the journey will be filled with the excitement that only the story of ancient times can provide. The game has a rich story that can be shared with others, and even the story can be experienced more deeply by joining many other people who are exploring in the world together.


Windows (available for Steam now!)

Linux (coming soon)

Available on Steam for $27.99


Single Player

Multiplayer with both asynchronous and synchronous online play. See what others are doing in the world and travel together with them in real time.

Customize Your Characters

Equip a vast variety of weapons, armor, and magic to your characters. Characters can be customized according to your play style.

Battle Together with Friends in a Local Multiplayer Mode

Join together with friends to battle and explore in the Local Multiplayer mode, where you can all simultaneously play with your friends together. The game supports local and online multiplayer even in offline mode.

Open World Design

Visit the vast world of the Lands Between, an adventure that offers a variety of situations and adventure, and where you can create your own story.

Cinematic Action

Enjoy an action-packed visual style suitable for any scene in the cinematic action where enemies charge forward from the back of the screen with their attacks.

Discover an Epic Story

The game tells a modern myth for an age-old society, bringing to life the excitement and drama that awaits you in the Lands Between.

Elden Ring Free Download Game

by Kakure

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Available on Steam:

Elden Ring Game

By Kakure


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Tuesday, March 19, 2014

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Features Key:

  • An Arisen HORROR / SURPRISE Drama
    In the sci-fi from the unknown to the far future, which delves into ancient mysteries and the past, your fate is entangled with a grand story. As an Elden Lord, you have powers to enslave the world around you. But it is not all easy; an ever-changing shape of monsters appears every night in this fantasy, and you must fight your way through. In a night where all eyes are on you, how will you deal with the slow stroke of the monster’s tentacles and your thirst for power?

  • An Epic Universe: The Lands Between
    This game is set on the world of our unknown Fomalhaut, and the world of our unknown Erachtu.

  • Multiplayer
    There will be a „Match between” and direct connection with the online world.

  • A vast world that opens with Exploration
    Many open fields and dungeons with three-dimensional designs, and unknown monsters.

  • An untamed world, a new fantasy drama will start
    How will you deal with monsters as you chase victory?

  • The power of the Elder Craft (TRUST ME, YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO USE THIS)
    Is it some kind of eldritch power? Or did the god of the Elden Ring use it when he united the world?

  • Create your own character
    Create your own unique character to start the fantasy drama where you and your monsters can go as you want.

  • Sci-Fi Elements with a World Unique Style
    Every God/Monster poses a threat.

  • Unique Online Play (WANDER WITH YOUR BUDDIES)
    Each Character can be connected with others.
    (Players can select their own Characters)

  • An Original, Greyscale World full of Scenery
    Connect to the world through a castle, through a world that is full of dreams.

  • Elden Ring Characters will be Easy to be Meet and Greet with
    We want to add more F&D style Elden Ring characters. If you enjoy fantasy, create them! This game is set in our world, but the fantasy aspects will be included as quests.

  • Two Character Cards of Fighters


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    The following is the press release from NAMCO BANDAI Games regarding the recently announced ELDEN RING:

    NAMCO BANDAI Games’ Product Line Director Yoshinori Sato commented on the title, saying: „The NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG features the complete environments of Tarnished World and Rise, along with brand-new content that is better than what we created in Tarnished World and Rise. We are happy to be able to provide gamers with a game that we are incredibly satisfied with. We will fully satisfy the expectation of our players while ensuring that it is in line with our consumer’s desire for new and exciting games.”

    The NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG is a fantasy action role-playing game that places the emphasis on player freedom. Players can freely select weapons and armor and combine them in the style of their own preferences. And as there are currently no restrictions on the movement of the body and the like, players will have even more freedom, such as freely jumping, dodging, running, charging, and the like, than in Tarnished World and Rise. And in addition, players can freely look around, and in locations where it is dangerous to go, they can move the camera to the side to avoid being attacked. The freedom of movement also ensures that the game has a truly fluidity.

    About New Fantasy Action RPG ( New Fantasy Action RPG is being developed by the production team of Tarnished World and Rise, who created Tarnished World and Rise. It was conceptualized by Product Line Director Yoshinori Sato at NAMCO BANDAI Games, and is being planned for a release on the 3DS in North America and Europe in Winter 2014.

    About NAMCO BANDAI Games:

    The leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment products, NAMCO BANDAI Games offers a variety of digital and retail games for many of the world’s most popular consoles, including the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, PlayStation 2 family of systems, PlayStation 3 family of systems, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS, PSP, PC, smartphones, and tablet devices. NAMCO BANDAI Games regularly features first-party and third-party game brands in all genres, including The Dark Knight Rises, God Eater 2, Lost Planet 2, Virtua Fighter 5


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    Build your army

    • Build your army with 4 elements, Swords, Armor, Magic, and Guns
    Power up your weapons and armor with up to 3 elements, and use magic to control the battlefield.
    • Strong army composition and well-balanced skills
    The game allows you to customize your battle units freely and have a stronger unit composition through the different status effects that magic can have on each unit.
    • Battle with the Enemy
    In order to challenge the other players, the PvP part of the game allows you to fight against a variety of Battle Modes. Be careful when making battle alliances. Players who ally with you will appear as enemies on the PvP map.
    • Real-time Strategy to Stop Enemies
    Enemies will appear according to your actions, and it is up to you to quickly identify their movements and attack them on the moment. In addition, there are times when you will find yourself in critical situations due to the enemy’s actions.
    • Command your Army
    You can raise your units, send them to the battlefield, and customize their formation according to your strategy. You can also perform various actions, such as reviving fallen units, using skills for attack, using skills to support your units, and commanding them to avoid enemy attacks.
    Tactical Exploration in a Vast World
    Explore an open world full of exciting landscapes and a variety of dungeons where you can develop in many different ways.
    Official Guiding Support
    A support section that provides detailed explanations of the actions for each element and skill.
    √ Quick Gain in Equipment
    Equip the best items and suits for the battlefield through the various events that will appear.
    √ Powerful Attack and Defense
    Strengthen your armor and magic with a variety of items to easily handle attacks from enemies.
    Battle System
    Enhanced through a combination of Free and Dynamic Events.
    Extravagant and realistic graphics.
    Create Your Own Soldier!
    Your own personalized soldier will appear.
    By development team Wideland

    In the year of 770 the elden world were infected by an endlessflame. Their king takes over the elden world for the sake of destroying theflame.
    „Name: Arslan Altin”
    „Disciple: Level: Moved to nepharn. Blacksmith: Obtained the equipment andsword.”
    „Name: Den. Level: Moved to nepharn. Blacksmith: Obtained the equipment


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