If you’re looking for a game that features an exciting story filled with impossible and dangerous dungeons, a unique online multiplayer for asynchronous play, and a side quest that takes you to the Lands Between, then the Elden Ring RPG: a fantasy action RPG is the game you should be playing.
RISE. Become an Elden Lord.

The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG released on Android.

It is a fantasy action RPG that will take you to the Lands Between, a world full of adventure and excitement, where you can freely play with others and enjoy the adventure.
It’s a high fantasy and the story unfolds in a mysterious format.

You are a knight, the new tarnished war and you are now an elden lord, you must gather strength and rise as a warrior.


In a world where people’s boundaries are shaded by fate, a reclusive hero rose to prominence.

Through the light of the Elden Ring…

The quest of this hero now lies in his own hands.

He must gather strength and rise as a warrior and recruit friends to protect this land.

Download now and be transformed into the next hero of this world!


◆ Up to 30 player online multiplayer

In addition to the side quest you can play with other people via online multiplayer.

In addition to the multiplayer, it also supports a unique asynchronous online element.

◆ An intriguing story

The story unfolds in a mysterious format.

◆ Explore the Lands Between

An endless world full of excitement.

◆ A music with emotions

Just dance to the perfect music.

◆ A hero with a path laid out before him

An original and thrilling fantasy drama.

Enjoy a suspenseful adventure full of action and fun!

■ Overview

■ What is the game’s genre?

It’s a fantasy action RPG.

■ Features

■ Full playability.

The game features a single-player adventure and side quest, with a totally different story compared to other games.

■ Fantastic music

The music with emotion that will just make you dance.

■ Unlike any other game

In addition to the main story, this game supports a unique online element that allows you to enjoy multiplayer, and achieve the goal of recruiting new friends


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Day and Night World: A 3D world full of depth and diversity. Explore and complete quests with players from around the world.
  • Unique New Character Class: Switch to a Warrior, Mage, Archer, or other class as you encounter different enemies, collect items, and strengthen your combat skills. Change your class to match the situation and increase your combat efficiency.
  • Upgrade Skills: Combining upgraded skills for specific Warrior or Mage classes strengthens the skills of all other classes. Receive feedback on the effectiveness of your upgrades.
  • Create Your Own Character: Customize your character, with an emphasis on their appearance. Your playable character is created via visual customization of the equipment you equip. The more equipment you have, the stronger, tougher, and scarier your character will become.
  • Formidable New Enemies: An army of powerful monsters fill the Lands Between. Battle with them, and it will strengthen the race of elves led by the Tarnished Lord.
  • Exploration-Based Quests: Although you’re free to travel as you like, the strongest route through the lands is determined by the path created by the various factions. Travel on these roads, and you will find a variety of quests brimming with excitement.
  • Prepare for Battles: Acquire items to fully reinforce your character’s combat power. Along the way, upgrade items to enhance the power of your combat techniques. Equip more powerful weapons and armor to become more dangerous.
  • Humble beginnings: Play at any time to enjoy the game without feel pressured to complete quests to gain money. Play through the campaign, and as you eliminate enemies, your character will level up. Through leveling up, your character becomes more powerful, and you unlock different quests.
  • Download Links:

    • STEAM
    • Karting Software

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      „I’m so glad that it’s Koei in charge of this title.

      The card-battle AI has improved and there’s a lot of subtlety to it. For example, if you have high-powered spells, you can use card-based traps to set up your next attack. The leaderboard doesn’t show whether you have an advantage or not over your opponent, so it’s up to you to decide how to exploit your advantage. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous. The diversity of design for the characters and their special moves is so deep that you never get tired of discovering the next. The Tales series makes the most of its popularity by varying the battles and gameplay.

      The kingdom of Hydaelyn, which is governed by magic power, is destroyed by the Demon King. The people’s hope is in the Elden Ring, a relic made by the holy magic used by the previous Elden Lord.

      Your task as an apprentice is to rise to the top of the ladder of leadership by leading the people on to the righteous path of rescuing the Elden Ring. As the game goes on, you build up your Elden Lord rank.

      The HP, EXP, and various stat gains are largely tied to your class, so you need to make sure to play your cards right. With the limited control points you can use, it’s hard to use the same party throughout the game, so you can’t repeat strategies too much either.

      Elden Ring is a game that can be played without thinking about setting up your game. In turn, you can enjoy it for a very long time without getting bored with its greatness.”

      – Oyasumi Switch Nintendo World Report –

      Elden Ring – ORIGINAL

      „Elden Ring, developed and published by KOEI for Nintendo 3DS in the middle of 2014, is a great tactical RPG game (or so I’m told). Its brevity and the simplicity of the battle system make it difficult to get through the beginning parts of the game, and the trial-and-error repetition can be hard on the ears.

      However, the game is incredibly fun and is a treat for those who enjoy tactical RPGs. Its graphic quality and soundtrack are great as well, and the replay value will keep players engrossed for hours and hours. Whether you’re looking for a game that’s new and fresh, or one you


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      ◆Online Battle System
      Online Battle System
      Online battles occur through certain predetermined steps. When you enter the battlefield, the game generates a battle background and randomly selects a game mode. In this game mode, you can choose your character(s) and then ally(s) in battle. Also, you can avoid entering battle with monsters.
      • Gate Battle (Single-Player)
      • Field Battle (Single-Player)
      • „The Proving Grounds of the Elden Ring”
      Characters are granted actions in their respective steps. In Gate Battle, you will randomly generate a quest, and then receive assistance from other players. In Field Battle, you will receive battle orders from other players, and then enter a battle with other players one after another. In „The Proving Grounds of the Elden Ring”, you will attack monsters, and then receive assistance from other players.

      ◆Battle System
      “The Proving Grounds of the Elden Ring” introduces the Battle System:
      “Teeth Down!”: Throw your weapon and strike the enemy!
      „Moonlight Vapors”: Fires a magic power to the enemy!
      “Grace & Excuses”: Release your companion and travel!
      “Withdraw: Center Stage!”: Attack the enemy! “Withdraw: Off to the Side!”: Support your companion!
      “Magical Puzzle: The Search for Caster!”: Examine your companion’s ability!
      • Item System
      Not only by collecting monsters, you can also equip armor or weapons at shops.
      • Equipment System
      You can strengthen your equipment according to your class.
      • Guild System
      You can team up with others to complete quests.

      ◆Battle System
      „The Proving Grounds of the Elden Ring” introduces the Battle System:
      „Teeth Down!”: Throw your weapon and strike the enemy!
      „Moonlight Vapors”: Fires a magic power to the enemy!
      „Grace & Excuses”: Release your companion and travel!
      „Withdraw: Center Stage!”: Attack the enemy! „Withdraw: Off to the Side!”: Support your companion!
      „Magical Puzzle: The Search for Caster!”: Examine your companion’s ability!
      • Item System
      Not only by collecting monsters, you can also equip armor or weapons at shops.
      • Equipment System
      You can strengthen your


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      A Vast World Full of Excitement! Screenshots of the world and adventurer change in accordance with the changing conditions, and the adventure is grandiose!

      Explore the Lands Between! You can roam an open world island or dungeon that has so many branching paths that no two games are the same. Gain points and equipment from all the monsters that you defeat!

      Build, Level-Up, and Battle! Battle with other players, take on bosses, craft items using your acquired skills, develop your custom character, and form a large guild!

      A Myth That Drives the Game: A New World of Adventure
      The beginning of the Lands Between is filled with different types of warriors wielding different weapons. Some are born into nobility and return to their ancestral home, while others are no longer able to return there, and they wander around in search of a new home. This is “Paradise Lost”, an unknown and beautiful land where monsters dwell.
      In the midst of the confusion, you hear about the fame of the “Elden Ring”, an object that is said to hold “the power of the elden”, in other words, the ability to destroy the monsters. Filled with ambition, countless adventurers set off to find the ring to dispatch the monsters and establish a new world.
      “So does this mean we become the Elden Lords and other people our slaves?” This is what people are wondering, and a great battle begins.

      Outposts provide the setting for the battle and provide additional quests!

      Sun, 22 May 2020 02:30:00 +0000 and Gunning 0h47m

      Running and Gunning 0h47m

      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the


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      License: Freeware

      File Size: 6,378,000 bytes

      Release Date: July 03, 2019

      Download ELDEN RING

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      Link 2:Acquiring and Installing Game:
      If you already have the game you no need to download it. If you don’t have the game here is how you can install it.

      1. Click on the link you just downloaded.

      2. Click 'Run’.

      3. Sign In.

      4. Click the left button of the mouse.

      5. Click 'Yes’ to install the game.

      6. Click 'Install’.

      7. Wait the Installation process.

      8. Accept the terms and click 'Finish’.

      9. Click the left button of the mouse.

      10. Click 'Yes’ to open the 'My Games’ folder.

      11. Click 'Loose’ in the left side bar.

      12. Click 'Games ( ).

      13. Click 'Player Unknown Battlegrounds’ to open it.

      14. Click 'Install’ to run the game.

      15. Click 'Install’.

      16. Wait the game to load.

      17. Play the game.

      18. Have fun with the game.

      Check the Official ELDEN RING website if you need help.

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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Download 4.0 Alpha from Elden Ring Website to „Music” directory on your computer.
    • To find the Music directory on your computer, go to Start Menu, right click My Computer, click „Properties” and then click „Hardware Tab” in the „System Properties” window.
    • Click the „CD-ROM” icon and scroll to the bottom of the window to find the „Music” directory.
    • Drag „Elden Ring (4.0 ALpha) and „Music” folders into the „Games” folder inside you Windows Explorer.
    • Use shortcut on Desktop to launch the game whenever you want.
    • Install the game and enjoy!

    Known Issues

    • Hunger and Thirst Explained – An explanation of checking if the thirsts on HoI:E, and how to fix it.
    • TRTS (Transitional Rule – Team Deaths) – A guideline on how to set a team death game.
    • Hunger – An explanation of the hunger mechanic and what it can and cannot do.
    • Thirst – An explanation of the thirst mechanic and what it can and cannot do.

    Elden Ring Test



    System Requirements:

    In order to enjoy a max of 6 players per battle using its best presets, you should meet the following system requirements:
    Windows – OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
    Windows – OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 CPU: Intel Core i3-3225 / AMD Ryzen 5 1400
    Intel Core i3-3225 / AMD Ryzen 5 1400 RAM: 4 GB
    4 GB GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 / AMD Radeon HD 7700
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 / AMD Radeon HD 7700 Space



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