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The Game Pairs series focuses on matching our favorites from Youtube and Twitch in one crazy game. We will be doing a series of these every Wednesday starting on October 4th.


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Each week the player who has the most faves wins! The game always ends with the winning player choosing an opponent that will be matched to them. The game is a best of 5.


1. Favorite the Game Pairs Game Page.

2. Favorite the Twitter Link to the game.

3. Make sure to Favorite the Game Pairs Game Page and the Twitter Link.

4. Like and share the game!



The Game Pairs:

Starting at 4/11/2020. We will move the game back 4 weeks after it ends. The final game of this series is the week of 4/11.

We will start posting our picks starting Tuesday April 15th at 9AM EST. If you have any questions about this game, just ask them in the comments below and we will respond as soon as possible!
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Really Bad Flying Machine Features Key:

  • No Membership Required : Play for Free!
  • Special Events, Daily Updates
  • Online & In-Person Games
  • Community Support
  • Skip level advancement by playing the required number of games
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    Game Key features:

    • No Membership Required : Play for Free!
    • Special Events, Daily Updates
    • Online & In-Person Games
    • Community Support
    • Skip level advancement by playing the required number of games

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    [Hacker’s Beat]
    – Rhythm Game
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    – Featuring original songs composed by [Kamishime]
    – Play music written by [JSchaefer]
    – Music by [Asterix]
    – Cartoon by [Smilebit]
    – Coding by [Haruki-san]
    – R&D Management by [Grendaman]
    – Music production by [Asterix]
    – Sound effect engineering by [Grendaman]
    – Game concept by [Grendaman]
    – Game Design by [Grendaman]
    – Programming by [Eibou]
    – Art Direction by [Jin]
    – Animator by [Jin]
    – Editorial by [Kanako]

    Game Manual

    Hacker’s Beat is a music game developed by [Hack]] & Co.



    How To Crack Really Bad Flying Machine:

    • To install, use bluestacks and install the game from Playstore.
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    System Requirements:

    2GB RAM
    2GB HD space
    Windows 7 or later (Windows 7 32bit or 64bit, Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 are supported too)
    300MB disk space
    Internet Explorer 9 or later
    The full files are available on the download page.
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