For as long as can be remembered, the humans have been trying to make perfect stone marbles. To do this, they devised a way to make small spheres of stone that was easy to do, while also being compatible with any other stone sphere. However, this soon backfired when large balls of stone were produced, out of control. Finding a way to prevent this, the government went to work, inventing a machine which placed one ball on top of another, to form larger balls, and thus larger rocks, endlessly. Somehow, the machine escaped, and the rocks came to life, evolving over time into the chimpets.
Since that day, the chimpets have been trying to destroy the machine, as it’s made their lives a living hell, with the rocks everywhere in their way. Meanwhile, the chimpets have been trying to stop the machine, so they can make rock marbles, which are a safer place to live in. So, the chimpets will test out how well you can prevent the machine from destroying the entire planet. All you need to do is prevent the machine from destroying the planet, by causing it to crash or sending it down a black hole.
If you play it, you’ll know why it’s called CHIMPET!
– Drag and drop mechanism to move the reaction stones (useful for some puzzles and endless mode)
– Endless Mode allows you to play as much as you want, without losing the game!
– Tutorial to guide you through playing the game
– „Who Am I” reflection mode to tell you how much you’ve progressed
– Move right, move left, rotate, block, create a new stone, set the scene, get back to the main game.
Chemical Chimpet is free to download, play, and has no advertisements or anything to buy. This was made out of absolute love, and won’t even cost you a penny.

A big thank you to the mods of the original, one that inspired me to make this, and the people who added so much to make this such a great game. I’ve added some new content, including;
– Stacking – place reactive stones on top of each other to make larger blocks
– From another universe – place some stones in another dimension to increase your planet’s size
– Airedale – all new puppy
– Menagerie – an insane mental hospital
– Money Pit – a giant sinkhole, that will swallow any innocent player


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      In this game, you are the Hider seeking its coveted Hideout.
      Hiding in this cozy Hideout is where you and your team will spend the duration of the game.
      Hiding in a Hideout is a strategic decision and is selected at the start of a game.
      You are given three options on how to hide in a Hideout (and sometimes a fourth): in a tree, in shrubs, in a mansion, in an underground castle.
      When you hide in a Hideout, you will not be visible to the Hide and Seekers, but you will be visible to the base classes.
      Each Hide and Seek object is a different search radius, not including the base object itself.
      You can have multiple Hide and Seekers seek you at the same time, but only one Hider Hide and Seek can be active at the same time.
      Each Hide and Seek means that you are looking for a different radius, even if the Hide & Seekers change their options.
      The time between when you hide, and when a Hide and Seek is completed is called Hide Time.
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      Hiding in the same Hide Time as your team will be a little faster than hiding with a higher Hide Time.
      Hide Time can be set for one single Hide and Seek or by all Hide and Seekers.
      If you are a Hider that set Hide Time as a single Hide and Seek, and a Hide and Seek is also set to Hide Time, it will have 0 Hide Time.
      This means that the Hide and Seek can not change Hide Time to any value.
      You can change Hide Time to any value if it is set by all Hide and Seek, which is the default.
      Hide and Seekers can not see you before Hide Time.
      This means that if they are looking at an object (like a tree), and see your Hide Time,


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      Mysticism (stylized as [email protected]~STIC, with the first letter of the three sages’ names in lowercase and with the '@’ also in lowercase) is a role-playing video game developed by Vanpool and published by Namco in Japan on June 30, 1996. The game was successful and was followed by three sequels in 1996, 1998 and 2000. A stand-alone sequel called Mystic Quest was released on March 24, 1998, in Japan and the U.S. only, for the NEC PC-9801. The first game and all three sequels were followed by remakes in 2003, 2009, and 2017. In addition, a remake titled Mystic Quest Rebirth was released on August 23, 2009, in Japan for the PlayStation Portable. A mobile version of the first Mystic Saga game is also available on iOS and Android systems.

      The game uses a 3D setting and a randomly generated world which scrolls down from the top to the bottom of the screen. The hero, who is the player character, can fly around the world using a magical „fairy”, ride the wind, or summon air support. The entire action takes place on a screen which appears like a board game and has several defined regions within it.


      The three games use an underground world inhabited by creatures, with the setting in Mysticism being split into two parts above and below ground. The area that is initially shown to the player is a small part of a world made up of at least five continents. The continents are populated with towns, forests, lairs of monsters and the scattered remains of magic ruins. An airless sky dome system exists above, and the universe’s laws are represented by the presence of the Celestial Tree. The main villain of the first game is the evil power-hungry tyrant Sultan Nazul.

      The first game takes place during the interval between the story-arcs of the first Mystic Quests, which ends with the death of the mystic hero, Hero Palm. Hero Palm is the guardian deity of a mystical pendant called the Palace Pendant. This, along with an ancient Ophidian magical artifact dubbed the Elfling Sword, allows him to be reborn in a new body at times, reflecting his constant rejuvenation. To recover Hero Palm’s current body, it is up to the player to prove their worth, and defeat Nazul in combat.

      The player initially makes use of the mystical Fab


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      The Legend of Heroes: Ani ni Kakitsubata claims to be the „Greatest RPG” in the west. This legendary RPG story unfolds in a world where the Four Great Demon Princes chose an ordinary hero to carry out their noble deed. Now the Demon Princes have sent this hero, Hanjou Syano, out to a Dragon Domain to clear out the Demonic Realm. Through his journey of strength and courage as he encounters monsters, quests and villainous bandits, he will discover what he was chosen to do.
      + Supporting Characters
      The PC version of this game contains supporting characters, and you can freely create your own party as you play. Choose a game style (Story, Battle, etc.), change the character’s appearance, outfit and speech, and use their special skills.
      + Battle System
      The battle system is fully CG-animated. The battle design is based on the variety of elements that support the heroes’ amazing techniques.
      Battle part is a 2D turn based system. The hero automatically attacks when prompted to do so and can attack up to three enemies in one action. Supports can also attack up to three enemies at once, attack with an „enhanced” attack, or use a powerful attack.
      Like this, you can quickly decide whether the right attack is most suited to your situation.
      + The Soundtrack
      An all-new scoring system will bring the best Japanese music to the game for a rich and lively RPG experience.
      See what awaits in the adventure ahead with the lovely voice of Chiaki Inuzuka!
      This is an RPG that is perfect for RPG-loving visual novel lovers.
      *“NOTE” to Linux users: You may need to use Wine to install the game.

      *Incomplete and fixed-up English translation of *this game*.The legend of hero’s last wish (Japanese voice/PC version only) is patch based on Legend of Heroes. The features and functions of this game may change according to patches. For full version please check [](

      Specter of the Opera :: Save or Die

      When an evil power threatens to destroy everything in The Land of Legend, three heroes set forth from the Land’s capital, from which the world shall never again be the same.
      It’s a grand adventure of a grand scale


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