Every day, you can become a villain, and cause more misery to your enemies than you already have.
There are no rules, but there are consequences.

This game is no longer active.


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Marked by the Word „Endless” this classic flash game is set in a dark,
unlit apocalyptic world. Where nothing is as it should be. Nothing is
as it should appear to be. Everything is as it seems. You have to find out
why everything is as it is. You have to find the real meaning of an
„Endless” Life.
You find yourself amidst a war. A war between the forces of good and the
forces of evil. In a world where everyone thinks they’re right, and everyone
is a soldier. You play as a squad leader, that is suppose to be your
mission. The war is over all too soon. But you still have to do more. To
find out what happened. Or at least why it happened.
Stop trying to find a meaning. Because you have to realize that there
is no meaning. There are no reasons. Nothing is why you are here. Only
why you should go on.

Be aware that there are risks of dropping your flash player. For this
reason I recommend not installing this game on Chrome. But to be fair
this game should work in most firefox and IE browsers.

If you have any problems please check my profile. I still update the site, if
there is a problem in the future, and I solve it.The best thing about life is that each day you start again.

Friday, June 22, 2014

My First Plastic Surgery – Bare Back Teenie

I went to see Dr. Hirschhorn for my first procedure. A procedure that really made me nervous. I was about to have my first tatoo. I was 14 at the time. I had always wanted a tatoo but I was scared of my immediate and maybe farther away future (Farther seems to be my downfall). But I never really went about it before until I went to see Dr. Hirschhorn.

Dr. Hirschhorn is quite the character


Features Key:

  • Music arranged by:
  • MidBoss indepth review on Zone
  • Scenario:MangaStory
  • Script:MangaStory by:
  • Jeffrey D. Smith
  • Jkweb
  • Kiryu

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All previous and previous chapters are available to download.

  • Android


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​​​BOOMER SLAYERS is an original story about a professional SLAYER, who likes to play video games and slap the asses of boomer women for sport. And this is a SUPERB effort to make video games even more awesome. Yes, you read right!
BOOMER SLAYERS is a game about a BOOMER SLAYER and his WILD BATTLE of the 1970s! There is only one level, with only one purpose and only one victory condition: have the most kills. The gameplay is not about your typical third-person shooter scene.
All the gameplay is about your character’s ability to use their S-KILLS to manipulate the environment to gain victory. S-KILLS are not about shooting the bad guys, but are about seeing what you can do with environment.
So you will destroy everything the enemy brings in your way. And you will be good at it.
Normally, in the very beginning of the game, there is a tutorial. It will explain you in detail how to use your hands to go to places you could not go before, how to jump and how to button-mash. There is just one thing in the tutorial that you need to read carefully: as long as you play in BOSS mode, it will appear every time you finish your entire run, and it will be a box with a picture of your hero in a tight-fitting butt-holster with number 1 stencil on it.
Now to get you pumped up with S-KILLS, let’s talk about some details.
SYSTEM: windows only, no Mac version available.
Source code is available in repository and there are two large difference compared to the old version:
1.) Improved S-KILLS mechanic to make them work with actual robots, and they are now continuous, i.e. they will keep working until the enemy dies
2.) Other new elements were added, also improving gameplay and humor
You want more details?
I made a youtube video tutorial, and is only available in russian. I also made a forum post, but I’m a english only boy.
So how do you play?
-To clear the level the easiest way is to beat this di


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Music and SFX used in this video is property of AudioMicro (
Sound Effects was provided by AudioMicro:
Team terminal 2 sickening 0
Team terminal 0 sickening 3
Team terminal 3 sickening 2
Team terminal 1 sickening 2
Team terminal 2 sickening 3
This game is all about gambling, women and fast cars. As you win and gain money in the game, you can use the funds to purchase better cars, upgrade your cars, add interiors, add enhancements, and even customize your characters and names. As your funds increase you can purchase V.I.P Harshins who are the best of the best. The Harshins include Turbo Humpers, Sports cars and more!
You can find ramps and other ways to increase your speed and top-graphics with the following videos:


The ultimate goal is to build your own personal railroad company, but this game is much more than that. It is an arcade game where you can build up your infrastructure. You learn about economies and how to build a working railroad. It is a very easy game to play but there are lots of engineering decisions.
Train Simulator is a freeware, only available on PC, purely simulation of train routing and handling. Train simulator 2014 and later version now also supports three dimensional models of rolling stock in the form of locomotives and wagons…

We head to Salt Lake City Utah to take a trip on the OwyheeOutlook route. This route has been in the game since the very first release but there was a lot of room for growth and the addition of new wagons and crew. There are a couple of new playroutes added in this new release and we have some new wagons for you


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Hello – I would like to make a straightforward request for some support on cutting a bayou for my home city of Mentasekahnee. It’s reasonably large for a home city, at 2 squares each side of the leeward side of the largest waterway in the region. The bayou drains the waters of Lake Vento (Mentasekahnee has northern access to the lake) and there’s already some marshes at the southern end. There’s some good fenland there. I’ve also discovered two or three caves, and that’s always an ideal challenge!

As you can see, it’s a pretty good city. I’d like to explore a bit more around the bayou, so I would like to use a barge to carry out and then raft across a part of the waterway.

Cutthroats and Crew

Resources: 5 Resource cards per player

Unique: 3 Temporary Hitpoints for a home city of Mentasekahnee

Starting Move: The barge is able to be moved around, as is the raft!

The support the city needs is to have a single large police station, so that it can open the canals and rows and timber can be rafted across. I thought that maybe I could install some artillery l-hull gunboats nearby, to contend with boats and monsters. The trick is making them and using them. As well, I thought that the barge could dump its cargo on the other end to supplement what was rafted across.

I’d like this to be the only major city in the area, ideally, and the only city of a city state. I am happy with any other City cards. They’re about the only other cards I’d like to use as they may be useful for repair, for instance.

Questions, enquiries, or comments are welcome! I’d like to know how this city will evolve in its life, if it can evolve, and just how useful it will be, and how to use it as effectively as possible for me.

I want to make these cutthroats and crew a little different to those other club, club routes might not have so many problems using these, especially if I could set up a special group that would pick one or two up on the route.

16 Replies

It sounds like you’re going to have a lot of action going on in the board


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Indie game made by a single developer DesynoGaming

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AppEmpire provides reviews, insight & news about app development, app marketing, and the Apple and Android ecosystem. The AppEmpire blog is a centralized hub for the mobile & tablet market. App building experience is our forte & we’ll be sharing those learnings.Q:

Can a Delphi 7 GUI editor be used to edit a.pas file for a project and compile and link it?

A user wants a small utility developed in Delphi 7 that will do the following:

open a dialog showing a list of files in a specified directory
allow the user to specify a *.pas file which is loaded into the software to edit
compile and link the *.pas file to produce an executable

Is this possible?


Yes, it is possible, and the Delphi 7 IDE supports it. Just put your *.pas file into the project and press the F9 key to compile, and D7 will link it for you.
However, the IDE is not great for working on highly detailed UI’s. For example, you’ll probably want to use a high-definition form designer like DevExpress, which is also available for Delphi 7. Or, if you wanted to use FMX, well…

“Vanquished” Pennsylvania House candidate Gerald Smith (R) sent mailers out to 6,000 Pennsylvania voters telling them “Tell Congress: No Impeachment.”

“No matter how it’s done, the House cannot begin impeachment proceedings without a bipartisan vote,” reads the copy on the mailers. “We already know what the outcome will be, and it’s not even close. No one has been impeached who hasn’t deserved it. This is the time to elect leaders who can unite the country, not tear it down.”

Smith, who previously served as an assistant deputy attorney general in the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, is facing off against Democrat AnnMarie Madaleno to represent Pennsylvania’s 15th District, which covers parts of Chester and Delaware Counties, in the November general election. A recent poll by Franklin & Marshall showed Smith with


How To Crack:

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    • The folder should contain 7 files..
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    • Decompile the program.
    • It is fairly obvious from the code what needs to be fixed and what doesn’t. If you still have any questions try the walkthrough on my website.
    • compile the dlls again
    • You are finished!!
  • It is recommended to do the following:
    • Rename the dll’s to different name and add them back on
    • You can also use WinRAR to extract the entire folder and move it to the game’s directory just in case
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    find_package(AngstromQt6 # version must be >= 0.64.1
    set(QtVulcanRevisions ${AngstromQt6_FIND_VERSION})
    set(QtVulcanRequires ${QtVulcanRevisions})
    set(VULCAN_REVERSE_SEARCH_OPTIONS -globalPrefix C:/crossgcc/vulkan )
    set(VULCAN_PLUGIN_DIR C:/crossgcc/vulkan )
    find_package(${QtVulcanRequires} qt6-bundle)


    # add dependency on all Vulkan driver implementations if the core includes
    # libvulkan.h (which is also included in mesa and thus requires
    # `find_package(Vul



    System Requirements:

    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
    1.6 Ghz Processor or faster
    1024 MB RAM (minimum)
    3 GB Hard Drive space (minimum)
    Sound Card required for USB Audio & MIDI support
    Can connect more than one Controller via USB and multiple MPUs simultaneously (ex: in a 6×6 or 8×8 array)
    What you’ll get:
    24 LED ring (simulating an Array)
    2×3 Led Switch (


    Related sites:


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