NameLucky Panda
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The kingdom has been invaded by magical ooze crawling out of the volcanoes. Strategist, can we count on you? This slime steals our food and uses it to breed. You get various units. Tell them what to do and save our islands! Later on there will be also enemy soldiers arriving on ships. They will attack your units and the fences. You will need to plan your strategy carefully. Learn to control your soldiers and use the terrain to your advantage.
You will be busy, but isn’t it worth it to be victorious, and become immortal through the stories told by our people? Oh Lord! It is worth it!!!
Enjoy freedom of movement in full 3D with no fixed paths in this tower defense with RTS elements. Your units are your towers and you can build fences anywhere.
Set your units’ behavior like: how far they can move or who to attack first and create a perfect team to defend against slimy ooze coming out of the volcanoes as well as the enemy units arriving on ships. Last 13th level is endless, so you can keep on improving and competing on a leader board forever! Another leader board is for the combined score of the 12 levels.
There are only two resources: wood for fences and food. There are no upgrades for units and the game is very easy to start, but over time with many various units there are many ways to win.
After completing the game keep on improving your scores inventing new strategies and challenging other players.
Tips on how to start playing:
– Fences have to be built by slowly dragging the mouse pointer while mouse button is pressed. Do not block the path to the food storage’s entrance or the ooze will destroy the fence. Do not build too close to the entrance. Watch the black path of the ooze changing while you build.
– Your units will attack the closest enemy in range by default or you can select one to chase and kill or from the second level you can set for each of your units, which type of enemy to attack first.
Have fun defending the islands!
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About The Game Oozing Islands:

The kingdom has been invaded by magical ooze crawling


NameLucky Panda
Rating4.18 / 5 ( 8926 votes )
Update(9 days ago)


Lucky Panda Features Key:

  • Delicious puzzle puzzle games with rewrapping function
  • Cool background and soothing music
  • The game is easy but it is also really interesting. You will be surprised by interesting the game’s details as it makes you think on your own, about the varying rules. It is obvious that the puzzles you will solve will be devided into 3 (it is impossible to have more). To be a genius you need to catch your opponents flaw. Solve the letters with the same colours as easily as possible to earn points.

    Download Sophisticated Puzzle Game FREE now

    Enjoy the game and share it with your friends. When you need some entertainment try another addictive puzzle games.

    How to Play Sophisticated Puzzle Game

    1. Create your own game screen

    Select one of the game screen displays in the pictures.

    2. Solve each game as you like

    Click next and select the next game of the game screen. Solve the letter in each game and go to the next one!

    3. Rest and relax

    Use your mouse or touch the screen to finish solving the problem and rest for a bit. Try the advices of the games to earn more points.

    You must get a perfect score to pass the games and move to the next stage. Use the player to control the game.

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    Asth is a game full of friendly challenges.
    This game is a real-time strategy one, without RTS elements.
    You have to use your experience, intelligence and will in this adventure.
    It is an adventure in a dark forest.
    There are many dangerous plants which can attack you.
    The players must hunt animals, fight common enemies and defeat dangerous trees.
    When they gather enough food, they can build their cabins and get to know their friends better.
    Finally, they can get married and have children.
    A town has more needs than just gathering.
    You can settle down in the village and be a true adventurer.
    Of course, you have to be patient as there are more than a thousand years of history in this game.
    Let’s adventure!
    Features of this game:
    – Many different characters which will help you in the game.
    – Many fun game modes.
    – More than 20 different skills.
    – Different kinds of opponents.
    – Many bonuses.
    – Huge gameworld.
    – Very fast gameplay.
    – Many different environments and items.
    – Many different areas of the world.
    Game System:
    – Movement
    You can use different kinds of characters in your adventure.
    There are four characters to choose from:
    – Naked characters
    – Historical characters (from the first Age)
    – Villagers
    – Chieftain’s characters
    There are many challenging plants in the game.
    Defeat all of them with your weapons to get to the next age.
    Defeat all the animals to get the villagers and progress to the next age.
    There are five player classes to choose from.
    A complete list:
    – The Chieftain class
    – The Warrior class
    – The Paladin class
    – The Shaman class
    – The Elementalist class
    You can upgrade your weapons and skills with permanent energy items.
    You get permanent energy items by fighting opponents in the combat mode.
    There are many bonuses in the game.
    Fortune stones are very important in this game.
    They give you an extra life, energy or even an item.
    Gain them through the fight with the different opponents.
    The enemies in this game are not easy.
    There are many different opponent types.
    You have to fight all of them.
    The enemy types can be:
    – Stronger enemies
    – Upgraded enemies
    – Special trees
    – Invisibility trees
    – High defense trees
    You have to get


    Lucky Panda Free Download

    „Iron Front”, currently in its „Digital War Edition” is an online real-time strategy game in the true spirit of the World War II. The player takes on the role of a fearless tank commander with ultimate control of a huge array of military vehicles, including the Churchill VII infantry tank and the Valentine tank. Destroy enemy strongholds, defend your own or drive through the enemy’s territory to gain access to necessary supply points. In the game, the player progresses through the war in the middle of the European theatre. The overall objective is to seize the German strongholds on the East, the West and the South of the European continent. The game, which is based on a real-time strategy engine, plays with no time limits for the game sessions of 4-8 hours. For further information visit: WWW.IRONFRONTPORTAL.COM Follow us on: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

    published:02 Aug 2018


    A vehicle from the deutsche mark 4 and a vehicle from the deutsche mark 2 go to war and have to be destroyed by the allied forces of the United States and Great Britain.

    After World War II, the Allies – which included the United States, Britain, France and the Soviet Union – first denied responsibility for creating the atom bomb as part of a policy to force Japan to surrender.

    The US finally conceded responsibility for the bomb in September 1955, and the Soviet Union followed in 1956. However, at the time of the war, the Allies were not certain that the bomb would work. The first atomic bomb, code-named „Gunshot” and „Fat Man”, were tested successfully on the island of Bikini Atoll in the Pacific in July 1944.

    The Allied forces had successfully stormed the beaches and begun their landings on D-Day plus one.


    The Allied Forces Land on Normandy, France

    The Allied Forces Land on Normandy, France

    The Allied Forces Land on Normandy, France

    World War II,D-Day: Allied Forces


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