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– All-new Super Fun, Out-of-this-world locations, scenarios, and quests!
– Over 20 characters, each with a unique set of skills!
– Dozens of new objects and costumes, including a couple custom ones!
– Special “Believe It or Not” quests that give you a new challenge in each chapter!
– Over 1,000 new lines of dialogue!
– Brand new “Secret Tips” features, including one that lets you play a game of spin the bottle as you talk to a girl!
– The ability to customize your Frisky Factor!
– And a whopping 17 different endings!
For PC and MAC users:
Frisky Business: Episode 2 is available as a standalone download on Steam and on the App Store for iphone & iPad!
For Android:
Frisky Business Episode 2 is coming to Google Play in 2018!
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Falco Frisk Series Stats:
– 48 Story Episodes!
– 25 Unique Characters!
– 10 Different Locations!
– 8 Different Destinations!
– 6 Different Specials!
– 5 Families!
1. Tales from the Nightside:
2. Tales from the Crypt:
3. Tales from the Wizard of Oz:
4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid:


Download ZIP ►►► DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ZIP ►►► DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Features Key:

  • Dive deeper into the history of the life of the great RTS games with the Meridian: Age of Invention
  • Think of the Bulletstorm of games – broader, more creative gameplay, more immersive environment, more exciting objectives and more!
  • Experience engaging and challenging battles against several enemies of different types in the city, forest, snowy and desert areas.
  • Meet magnificent leaders, fight for influence over the world, lead and defend various lands through the centuries and amazing battles with innovative units and special abilities.
  • Confessions
    23 Aug 2018 18:17:17 +0000 reading „Gaming Confessions”]]>My life consists of two main things. One of them is to work and earn money, the other is to play games.
    It happens not all the time but yes, I love games. Indeed, I’ve said before that an hour without the gaming experience […]

    ]]>My life consists of two main things. One of them is to work and earn money, the other is to play games.

    It happens not all the time but yes, I love games. Indeed, I’ve said before that an hour without the gaming experience could be felt like years. But in fact, I still had many hours to play games, I started out as a kid, and I feel that I have many experiences to share with you, although always there would be things more interesting to keep it secret. Who knows? 🙂

    Gaming confessions

    Yet, I will try to give some of my gaming favorites, and also I will give you some related links just for this fun. In this way, you will be


    Expansion – Europa Universalis IV: Mandate Of Heaven Free Download [Latest]

    “CraftWorld” is an open-ended, in-development sandbox game, with crafting and construction focused on resource gathering, crafting and trading.
    Players can mine, harvest, research and craft their way to a distinct gameplay experience. Initially starting out with a hand-picked machine, players will gather resources from their environment, explore the land, discover new resources and craft the perfect product.
    Craftworld is envisioned as a living world, with multiple starting spots, and many ways to advance. The project is open source and on GitHub.

    Here is a little known fact:
    No one (I mean no one) has ever created a PowerTools for this game.
    It’s a pretty awesome tool, and without it the crafting experience would be a bit less fun.
    Download it here:

    Enjoy and please, leave feedback/reviews.
    I’m always open for constructive criticism and ideas.

    Cédric 0:20
    „I’ve just discovered the game and I’m hooked!”
    „Craftworld is awesome, what you are doing is amazing!”
    „Really good work, I love the community”

    „This is a true sandbox creation: The crafting and trading of creative tools”

    „I like the kind of gameplay! I like how the game didn’t drag too much for me, I am becoming kind of a fan :D”

    „When I saw this game, I understood what a gamecraft was made of, thanks for sharing your play so I could know the kind of gamecrafting I can do!”

    „I tried to play a game with great crafting mechanics, but this one is just great!”

    „I hope more people realize what this kind of game is all about, I love this game and I really hope you continue working on it and maybe even open the game to public”

    „I’m enjoying this game a lot! It’s different than Minecraft, but more fun”

    „I’d like to see this game reach a higher level, it’s got great potential”

    „I really appreciate your effort in making this wonderful tool, really awesome.”

    „I learned about this game thanks to this great tool, thanks to you, I know how to craft a chest!”

    „Really nice job! I love this game!”

    „I was looking for something different and I think this is the game I was looking for


    Expansion – Europa Universalis IV: Mandate Of Heaven Patch With Serial Key [Updated] 2022

    GitHub Repo:

    Get your 10% discount on PropellerWorkshop:

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    Another gaming channel for you:

    Thanks for watching! 😀

    Specialist Guard Unit (Soviets)

    Specialists give their opinions on each type of unit.


    How to train your guards in Dota 2!

    How to train your guards in Dota 2!

    How to train your guards in Dota 2!

    Have you ever watched a game of Dota 2 and you see that your team only made melee fighters but you have none?! Watch out as we show you a simple trick on how to find out a way to detect guards. This trick will only work in hero mode, where you can see both the hero and the enemies.
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    The Best of Guarding Guards and the Good Ones

    The Best of Guarding Guards and the Good Ones

    The Best of Guarding Guards and the Good Ones

    Back in 2011, we went through all the playable defensive skills in Dota 2 and broke them down and gave them in our guide called “GuardingGuardsGuide”. We’ve done this update for the year 2019.
    You can download the Dota


    What’s new in Expansion – Europa Universalis IV: Mandate Of Heaven:

    Available Now

    Bandai Namco announced Samurai Warriors 5 on June 15, 2018. Today, the company released more information on the game.

    „Bandai Namco Entertainment’s fourth-generation action game for the PlayStation®4 Computer Entertainment System (PS4®), PlayStation®4 Pro and PC is considered to be one of the classics of the genre, samurai adventure „Samurai Warriors 4”. The game delivers the same thrills and adventurous battles as the previous title. The game further stimulates the senses with great graphics and a lifelike body of your character. Aiming for „Samurai Warriors 5” is clear: All of the thrills to enjoy history unfolding before your eyes with the highest graphics possible and a new experience to enjoy. The game is now set one year after the Civil War and the search for the reincarnation of the late Prince Asahina Isao continues.

    In addition to this new installment, the updated version of the scenario „Aki no Kyaryu” and its accompanying BGMs are now available! The BGMs used in the scenario „Aki no Kyaryu” have been updated with the new research and cutscene data featured in the game, and are now included with the scenario. The downloads will be announced via the e-mail announcement (e-mail details are attached to this notice) in about 10 days from today.

    The game itself also includes several new DLCs, such as scenarios that feature updated music and with the same quality, fireworks, new outfits and accessories, weapons, equipment, and so on. In addition, DLCs for weapons will be released for each character in the game via updates, etc. There is a further announcement on the additional content details for „Samurai Warriors 5.” Players can enjoy the game in various ways by downloading additional content such as the scenario DLCs and the BGMs.”

    Lets hope WA release the scenarios here in the UK when it comes out. Cant be bothered with all that e4 BBs for the same game.

    The game is set to be released on 15th June and will cost £40, this is the same price as Warriors 4 and should take into account as usual that its a future/sequel title.

    It will be interesting to see if there are any more episodes added for samurai warriors 5 after the release of this release. If they continue then we will find ourselves on episode 50 one way or another. Either we go from episode 1 for the next numbered game to


    Free Expansion – Europa Universalis IV: Mandate Of Heaven Crack (Latest)

    Darkest Night, by designer Jeremy Lennert, is a fully cooperative, resource management game that is played over eight real-time rounds. This game can be played anywhere four or more players can gather around a table, with or without the assistance of a game master.
    Each player takes on the role of a hero, an individual member of the kingdom of Meriel who must work together with other players to save the kingdom from a terrible darkness brought on by the actions of an evil necromancer. The players will each have their own unique set of special abilities, as well as the kingdom in which they reside and the heroes they work with, which will be incorporated into their characterization. Each round, players will use their unique abilities and spend resources to search for relics throughout the kingdom. These relics are usually hidden from players, but heroes can use their special abilities to uncover them.
    When all the relics have been found, players will need to use their abilities to assemble the relics and raise the power of the holy symbols
    in order to perform a ritual at the monastery. These rituals will be useful in eliminating the necromancer and returning the realm to light, but they will also cause some of the citizens to leave the kingdom, which will weaken your alliance and create gaps in the map. Players will also have to be careful to not remove too many resources from the kingdom, which will allow the necromancer to continue his growing power.
    If this happens, the alliance will be weakened and the necromancer will grow even more powerful, as he will be able to control more cities and spread his blight faster.
    The game will continue until one faction has lost all its strongholds, causing the kingdom to lose the game, or the eight rounds have all passed. Each round lasts for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
    If you play Darkest Night with two or more players in the game, you can simply designate one as the game master, who will act as referee and will give special items to the players, but you can also play without a game master if you prefer.
    To install Darkest Night, simply extract the contents of the download to your Drive/My Documents/Adventure Gateway/setup directory.
    By default, the content of the download is extracted to the GAME_DIRECTORY variable.
    Note: It is also possible to extract the content of the download to the GAME_DIRECTORY variable and to set the content of the download to the VALUE_DIRECTORY variable.
    There is no need


    How To Crack:

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