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Escape From DuFo Features Key:

  • More than 3 players to party—play with up to 6 people!
  • 2-3 hours of story-driven gameplay and a season 2 ongoing
  • Playable exclusively in VR
  • Virtual reality “submergence” wrapped in an original and compelling story
  • Use the first VR shooter for your right hand and several other VR controllers
  • Cross Platform “on Steam” and “on Oculus/Vive”
  • Available this fall on Oculus, Vive and Windows VR, PS VR and Steam
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    Citation: William Davis (2018, October 02). 1 Dollhouse | Indie VR, VR, Throwback Game, Indie VR, VR Throwback Game


    Escape From DuFo For Windows

    DEEDO TRIPER is a quick action game where you can create havoc in a brief amount of time.
    Have you ever wanted to shoot people from a helicopter, hide behind a tank and open fire on infantry units and walk through tunnels? Of course you have, but do you want to be able to do all of that in real time?
    In DEEDO TRIPER you are the god and everyone around is a simple being.
    It’s a team of four and you can play with or against them in either of the two modes:
    Campaign – where the objective is to go through the game levels;
    Skirmish – where the mission is to kill enemies.
    The game has 5 map types, each with its own layout and different terrain features that will challenge you. The maps can be modified at any time and you can create them from scratch using a simple map editor.
    It has a key feature, physics, which will make the game unpredictable. It will be amazing, challenging and it will give you sleepless nights trying to figure out how to proceed, through the best and the worst.
    In any of the game modes you will be able to customize both your characters and your weapons, so the game will be a never ending source of fun.

    Currently in Early Access

    – Easy to use and play
    – Logical and intuitive control
    – Visuals are simple and minimalist.
    – Physics- based.
    – Non linear, randomized maps
    – Single player or cross-play with 2 players (easily)
    – Multiplayer or solo play with coop (AI controlled)
    – You can change weapons and character appearances at any time during a game session.
    – You can start from scratch and design your own maps
    – Multiple game modes
    – Multiplayer
    – Tons of weapons (infantry, helicopters, tanks, cars, airplanes, drones, etc)
    – Singleplayer and coop mode.

    The game currently supports most of the popular and often used devices.
    – Windows 10:
    – Android:
    – iOS:
    – Kindle Fire:
    – PS4:
    – WiiU:
    – Mac:
    – Linux:
    – Ouya:
    – Xbox:

    About the Game
    In this first-person action game, you are flying in the sky and have come across a group of a primitive being. You must use your nimbleness to sneak behind


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    [list][h2]Artistic Direction:[/h2]
    [h3]Steamworks SDK used as game engine[/h3]
    [h3]Intel i5 4600-8500 2.9Ghz (5×3.2Ghz 15MB Cache)[/h3]
    [h3]Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X (PC)[/h3]
    [h3]Intel Iris Pro 6200 3GB- – – – 16MB Max. Shared Memory (PC)/16MB – – – – 2GB Max. Shared Memory (Linux)[/h3]
    [h3]Intel HD 4600 Graphics Card[/h3]
    [h3]NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X (Linux)[/h3]
    [h3]Cubic Ninja Superphone (Microsoft Zune 30)[/h3]
    [h3]Sony Playstation 4 (PS4)[/h3]
    [h3]Dual GeForce GTX 1070 8GB (PC)[/h3]
    [h3]CPU: Quad-Core Intel Core 2.40GHz – – – – –


    What’s new:

    File information

    This file contains reworked versions of the group-nominated classes of V1.5 of the world of Helvault, collectively referred to as the Society of the Serpent Moon. These characters are compatible with the Half-Darkness settings as well as some settings from the original editions of the game as well as some of the setting’s expansions/updates.It also includes a few other checks that were missed by the rules. All first level spells have been added and removed as well as some of the characters’ starting equipment. Shetatawe (or as she is now called Sudra and outcast to the Serpent-Moon) who was my primary GM for the group posts her revised versions for the character sheet. (WARNING – they are massive, so if you’re using a small screen or REALLY slow web browser, your best option might be to use the uploaded PDF file for reference)

    It would not be strange if most of the students who learned the art of magic, only to fail to master it for reasons unknown, were spiralling towards madness. While most who learn magic simply want to channel its power into other things, a remarkable portion just delve headlong into chaos. Regardless of their starting choices, those who pursue this dark path, often seeking a twisted form of control, are the mercenaries of Haldlife. they know the power of magic is one thing, and the knowledge of how to wield it in a pristinely craftspeople manner, begetting in some cases hidden and barbed irony, is another. Sadly for them, they have little choice but to earn what they want by their very own hand, outside the parameters of law and order and fair-play.

    Quick Start Notes

    In the original version of this set of classes, the students were a collection of hapless, often dysfunctional individuals who worked their way through life by their wits and various odd jobs. This was a setting that stood out, apart from standard fantasy setting (which are sometimes heavily influenced by western/modern culture), because of the heavy focus on a different environment. Where we encounter your typical adventuring parties, in the Serpent Moon setting, it’s not only common, but expected that they work for their living, as the expectation of finding a steady employment is a rarity. They are on their own and have to survive by their wits. They resort to the use of their limited power to get by and survive not the way they used to think it should be used, in


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    It’s time to make a statement.
    Take your best shot.
    It’s time to ROCK.

    While the 1950s were a time of “short-skirt” parties, there were also a lot of blue-collar people with blue-collar problems getting in trouble.

    Jump Gunners is a side-scrolling action game where players take on the role of an American Gunfighter… or Gunner!

    When blue-collar town of Springfield’s peace-loving citizens weren’t out on the town getting into trouble, they found themselves knocking over liquor stores, robbing banks and dealing with an onslaught of gangsters. They needed help. Enter Greenway’s “Jumpers”.

    Jumpers were tough, strong men who could stop bullet sponges and wield fire axes with their teeth. They were also the only cops in town, and they needed the town’s “screw-ups” to be put on some ice.

    Jump Gunners takes a few liberties with the era to make sure that you got some action when you play, and it does so in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way. The 1950s western culture is brought to life with a sense of humor as you’ll play as anthropomorphic robots, gamblers, cowboys, gangsters, and everything in between. Oh yes, the list of personalities is HUGE.

    This 3D platformer is jam-packed with 2-player split-screen action, large amounts of unlockable characters and weapon combinations to use, and the biggest list of random level challenges I’ve seen in a platformer to date.

    Blue-collar problems? Time to make a statement. Take your best shot.
    It’s time to ROCK.

    This game was made possible with the help from many people, including Nick Boles from and along with us, He-Who-Laughs-Plays.

    Big thanks to You for bringing this game to life with your hard work, and don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for great content, updates, and giveaways!

    Do you like playing as the Gunfighter himself, or as the various characters he encounters?

    Follow us on Twitter for behind the scenes and live tweets!

    Like us on Facebook for mini trailers, best deals, and more!

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