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„Elder Scrolls Online” is a new type of massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in the Elder Scrolls® online franchise. The story takes place hundreds of years before the events in The Elder Scrolls® V: Skyrim™. The world of Elsweyr has become more unstable, and the throne of the elven rulers is occupied by a usurper. Adventurers from across Tamriel are called to take up arms against the emerging threat of the Daedric Prince Molag Bal and his armada of demonic vessels.

*The free-to-play option may be changed at any time with or without notice and will be applied retroactively to existing accounts.

1. Account Registration
– Enter the Account Registration page and create an account within the specified period of time.
2. Evaluation Period
– To evaluate the game experience of the free-to-play title, we may collect the user’s information, and if necessary, sell it to a third party.
– During this period, we may also collect account information for the official website, order history, subscription history, and user reviews.
– The user may only retain the account after completing the free trial.

2. Free-to-Play Service

– Adventure in your selected server where you can be guided to be an elder.
– Explore a wide variety of content through quests, activities, trials, and more!
– Enjoy a variety of pets that follow you and can accompany you on your travels.
– Try out different characters and experience a variety of skills by equipping skill-related items.
– Customize your character’s appearance with the in-game Item Shop, and change your equipment between quests.
– Enjoy excitement, drama, and a true feeling of accomplishment as you defeat enemies and battle against other players.

– Enjoy a variety of quests with a wide variety of objectives.
– Explore a wide variety of content with a range of quests.
– Enjoy a variety of quests with a wide variety of objectives.

– Enjoy the thrill of experiencing vast lands by embarking on quests, collecting rewards, and gaining levels.
– Explore a wide variety of content with a range of quests.

– Explore the largest and most exciting open world of any MMORPG, and a unique and epic MMORPG story.
– Enjoy a unique MMORPG story and journey of epic scope with countless quests and a living world!

– Enjoy the thrill of


Features Key:

  • A broad world with multiple variables: accessibility and difficulty, exploration and battles, and a wide range of bonuses for players
  • Shared online world with exclusive features, where you can craft items, trade items, and team up with other players to defeat the enemy
  • Various Ages and Life Stages of Lv. Upgrades Character Statues
  • Key to the Tower of Dawn, a place where you can acquire items of rare quality and lore, and fight against monsters generated by the Elden Ring’s exceptional stat system
  • Strategy and X-Plus Dimension are trademarks of Rising Star Games, Inc. and used with permission.

    The Elden Ring Copyright 2010-11 Rising Star Games, Inc.

    This game is distributed free, however if you would like to support the game, we ask that you shop at the Nintendo UK Official Store and use your eShop balance to purchase Add-ons, Comics, or games. Your support is appreciated!

    YES! Please send me updates on when the game will release.

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