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Tarnished Heroes is a brand new MMO game developed by CA Inc, focusing on a unique action/RPG style of game play. The game features a vast world built from the ground up by a highly skilled team of game developers who have created an exciting and lively world that feel unique and fresh to the players. The game also features an epic drama, along with an action MMO combat experience.

A few key features of the game:

◆ An Action/RPG Battle

The action RPG battle system is a battle system where you can freely move around the battlefield and have an easy battle control.

You can rapidly switch between three characters with a large selection of equipment at your command.

You can freely and strategically use Critical Damage, Enhance Damage, Disable Damage, and Eliminate Damage.

The game also features a variety of unique and interactive battle elements that shake up the action RPG battle system.

◆ A Vast World Built from the Ground Up

By seamlessly connecting the large open fields with huge dungeons, a vast world is built into the game.

Through these missions, you can discover various things and fight strong enemies.

The exciting game experience that can never be replicated is offered to each player as a reward for completing the game missions.

You can have a different experience by strategically connecting the different zones, and each time you will experience a new story and world.

◆ An Epic Drama That Includes Several Direct Connections with the World

The events in the game are the attempts of the characters to take control of the Dungeons that were abandoned or become a crucial part of the world.

There are a variety of characters, some of which can choose their own paths.

You can directly connect your own choices with the story through the choices that you make in the game.

◆ Character Classes

You can freely develop your character according to your play style, such as raising your muscle strength to become a strong warrior or mastering magic.

You can develop your character according to your play style, and customize your class by freely combining items with your equipment set.

Once again, you can freely choose the equipment that you wish to equip and when you enter the game, the game will support both standard and experimental equipment sets.

◆ Character Customization

You can choose your character’s gender, color, and hair style, as well as the title, class, rank, and various additional information


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Two Classes: Warrior and Magician
  • Collectively Play as Tribes of Players
  • Dynamic Game World with Various Combat Scenes
  • Customization as You Play
  • Infinite War for Endless Game Sessions
  • Exclusively on PlayStation4 computer entertainment system.

    Online features*:
    PlayStation Network online features require an account and are subject to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service.

    * Availability and additional Online Services vary by territory.

    For additional questions and information please contact the retailer near you.

    Life of Silver: The Digital Expansion

    Dates: 2018-03-19 (Wed)
    Exclusively PlayStation4 Computer Entertainment System:
    Only on PS4:
    Title:Life of Silver: The Digital Expansion

    Exclusive Content:

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    2. SUMMARY




    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.


    2. SUMMARY

    In this RPG, the player character uses the Elden Ring in order to create a strong character. As he/she grows in strength, he/she will be able to take part in a variety of events where you will make choices that decide the ending of the game. By mastering the combat style that will help you clear dungeons, you will find a worthy partner, earn new skills, receive job recommendations, and experience a variety of occasions.



    A self-contained game story where the player can only use the Ring.



    The game will leave you satisfied with its story, visuals, and overall gameplay.


    About Us: We’re a small indie-team that works on some of the most loved games on Steam and Mobile including:

    Divekick, The Long Dark, Kingdom:New Lands, What Remains of Edith Finch, The Messenger: Love at First Flight, and more.





    Divekick is a PS4 & PC game developed by Ripple Bizarre & released in January 2016. Divekick features nearly 30 characters, a story mode, and over 20 unlockable arenas with the ability to customize the controls, stats, and abilities of your characters. Divekick allows the player to create a divekick team of four characters with unique and colorful personas, allowing them to fight online against others to win cash for winning matches.



    Get Divekick on mobile:

    Steam :

    Divekick is a PS4 & PC game developed by Ripple Bizarre & released in January 2016. Divekick features nearly 30 characters


    Elden Ring

    Players: 1-4
    Single-player offline:

    Play as an Elden Lord, a wannabe badass hailing from a kingdom in the Lands Between, and set out to take the role of a Dark Lord in the quest to overthrow the tyrant ruler who keeps the capital under the thumb of a brutal empire.
    Play as a Dark Lord who will embark on an epic story with multiple endings.

    1. To become a Dark Lord:

    Play as a „Wannabe” Dark Lord
    Players who wish to take the role of a Dark Lord in the game will need to first play as an ordinary „wannabe” Dark Lord, a vast majority of whom start the game as commoners. To take the role of a Dark Lord, complete the story and become a „Dark Lord” (the title of the game).

    – Commoner → Dark Lord
    2. Online Multiplayer

    Up to 4 players can play cooperatively through online multiplayer.

    – Combines single-player offline with online multiplayer, where you can enjoy gameplay with others.

    2. Online Multiplayer Content

    – Online multiplayer in „Online and Offline” state
    Play cooperatively through online multiplayer.

    „Online and Offline” state:
    – In the online multiplayer, the four players can play cooperatively together.
    – Play the „Online and Offline” state with one player in your party.

    3. Key Features

    Single-player Offline

    Single-player offline mode is a new mode of the game that allows you to play the game in an offline fashion. In this mode, we include the plot and other features that we would like you to enjoy when playing the game offline.
    In this mode, you can play the game as a „Dark Lord” (the title of the game).

    – Play the game in a unique system that can challenge even the most powerful PC.
    – Play as an ordinary „Wannabe” Dark Lord.
    – Level up your character and loot in an effort to develop a stronger story.

    „Dark Lord”

    – The title of the game.
    – „Dark Lord” mode is a new mode of the game that allows you to play the game in an offline fashion.
    – Play the game as a „Dark Lord” (the title of the game).
    – See what others are saying about your character.
    – Level up your character and loot in an effort to develop a


    What’s new:


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    How has the rolling recruitment changed?

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    Has the roll over issue been addressed?

    Have any new regions been opened for the game?

    Moderated by Lia Bradshaw

    A number of new features & changes for ArcheAge 2.0 will be announced tomorrow. What have been your key highlights from ARCHAEA’s content updates?

    Wed, 31 Jul 2020 15:35:55 GMT


    Download Elden Ring With Key [32|64bit]

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    2) Read instructions.
    3) You’re done.






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      System Requirements For Elden Ring:

      16-bit/8-bit/DirectX: DirectX 9.0 compatible
      Windows XP SP2 or later (CPU: 1GHz and 1 GB RAM)
      Distributed under the GNU General Public License.
      Playable offline. No online play.
      Download: The game is included in the zip file
      Preview: The game is available for download at
      Website: The game’s official website.
      Unpack the contents of the archive into a new


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