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The fantasy action RPG, Tarnished Souls, based on the world of Tarnished Lands, started its public test service on June 8th, 2017.

As the game that features a grand fantasy setting that is full of danger, the world of Tarnished Souls is full of adventure. With an unprecedented variety of techniques and various weapons that can be customized, you can enjoy the exhilarating story while experiencing a rich and deep gameplay. In addition, the open world, which allows you to enjoy a seamless and beautiful world from the first day of the game, features an unprecedented diversity, allowing you to experience a fantasy experience never experienced before.

Thus, experience what the game developer Elden Ring S.K. has prepared for Tarnished Souls.

Please make sure to thoroughly enjoy the test service, and we will be sure to continue to provide the necessary support after the public test.

Thank you for your continued support.

*Consumers must be at least 19 years old to enjoy the game.

*Using third party programs is not allowed, including but not limited to the use of bots, cheats, mods, account hacks, etc.Q:

django-rest-framework swagger middleware class with added method: Optional argument list initialization not allowed

When I try to build the documentation for my API in swift i get the following error

Optional argument list initialization not allowed

I can’t seem to find any solution for this issue.
from django.db import models
from rest_framework.generics import GenericAPIView
from rest_framework.settings import api_settings

class QTable(models.Model):
q_id = models.IntegerField(primary_key=True)
name = models.CharField(max_length=50)

class QDetails(models.Model):
qtable = models.ForeignKey(QTable, on_delete=models.CASCADE)
question = models.CharField(max_length=500)
answer = models.CharField(max_length=50)

class QuestionAnswerDetail(models.Model):
question = models.ForeignKey(QDetails)
answer = models.CharField(max_length=50)

def __


Features Key:

  • Stay awake with no tedious „death” animation
    In addition to the death animation included in the previous version, a state of „mesmerized sleep” is included which does not require the death animation. If you stay in this state, your character will wake up once you leave the area.
  • Improved battle scenes and war scenes with 3D graphics
  • Game design with low resources from Japan
  • Exclusively features the class system–Warrior, Magician, Adept and Ranger
  • The development environment is practically the same as that of the previous version
  • Elden Ring Release Date

    • December 19, 2014 (JST)
    • Steam Early Access

    How to download the game

    We recommend that you download the full version through Steam.
    If you have already downloaded the game and have not yet activated, you can download it again through Steam for free.

    If you are not registered with Steam, please register or sign in to your Steam account.
    You can install it by choosing the „Update” function on „Games” on the main page of your Steam client.

    Note: In order to play the game, the game client version must be at least the „v14” update.

    In the games list that appears after the update, choose „r02-v14” for „Lands Between”.
    Begin the download of the DLC.

    • If the download of the DLC began before, then choose the „Stop download” option.
    • If no download began, then you can download the DLC through Steam.
    • Once the download has completed, then you can complete the installation.
      If the checking of the DLC files is unsuccessful, restart your download for the DLC.


    After downloading the game, please quit the application you are using to download the game.

    The game will start installing through Steam. When you start the game, the version „r02-v14” will be automatically installed


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    Elden Ring Review by Nibaldo

    Called 'Brothers?’, this is the title of the sequel of the Elden Ring game developed by Koei Tecmo.

    Nibaldo talks about Elden Ring before Brother? and E3 2016

    God, that was fast! Talk about a mad rush, I’m the #1 ranking in Elden Ring world, I’m #56 in the top 100 worldwide and, now, in a few weeks time, my record will fall a little more and I’ll be down to #13! That’s just crazy!

    The Elden Ring and Brother? is coming out in one week and what about the games released back in 2012? Or games released more than one year ago? They will be released only in November 2, 2016, and November 8, 2016 respectively. I don’t know about the rest of you but for me the games released in 2012 and more than one year ago are almost gone out of my mind.

    I should mention it as well that I’ve never played the other Koei Tecmo games except the Nioh and today I’ve added the new Paradox of the Goetia to my collection. So I can’t say that much about it as well.

    I’m expecting the Elder Scrolls Online 2016 to come out in November as well. I’m playing it for two months now and I enjoy it, not only because I want to achieve that level in it but because of the set of friends that I’m meeting. I’m not some kind of gamer and I only play a few of them like The Witcher 3, God of War 4, Armored Core V, and Dragon Quest X as well. We start as friends and then as a Vip or Legend.

    We’re still waiting for Final Fantasy XV and even if the major part of the game has been revealed, it still has a lot of secrets left and Square Enix doesn’t want to make people know them before the game is out. I’m still completely expecting an amazing game from them and the poster of their E3 2016 trailer just made me more excited.

    Anyway the Elden Ring and Brother? is going to be released in November 8, 2016 worldwide and you can see for yourself how it’s going to be released this week.

    Nibaldo Elden Ring Review by NibaldoElden Ring is a


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    What’s new:

    Fight Your Aspiring in the World of the Elden Ring

    ◆Tired of gameplay that revolves around button inputs and dodging?
    Enter the field of strategic strategy.

    ■Cypermoth, a Pokémon that cannot be easily controlled with just button inputs and dodging. You will be able to use a wide variety of tactics.
    ■We pay close attention to player feedback and are expanding upon elements of the game that players found enjoyable.
    ■ Want to find out what awaits you in the world of the Elden Ring? Try out the demo version now!
    ■We would appreciate your feedback regarding not only elements that you liked, but also the items or events that you cannot implement. Help us evolve this game.
    ■We have developed applications that distribute the Ponzu online game system into smartphones.
    ■You are also able to play the Pokémon save slots to both iOS and Android devices.
    Fight Your Aspiring in the World of the Elden RingTue, 19 Mar 2015 16:06:13 +0000Dev Blog: Dynamic balance updates, gacha sallieus

    Hi everyone!

    We have recently implemented the real-time adjustments that were planned in the second half of April. We are still making adjustments based on the data collected over the last 10 days.

    Please continue to enjoy the Ponzu experience.



    Free Elden Ring With Keygen [Win/Mac]


    Just follow the indications that follow and you will have the game cracked in a few minutes.

    1.- Extraction

    You will have to extract the two files that you will find in the data folder of the game.

    2.- Cracking

    Open the file „cracking.txt” and you will see all the information that we need to activate the game.

    3.- Launching

    When it is finished, launch the game.

    Enjoy ELDEN RING!

    How to play:

    Run the game and click anywhere in the region that you want to go. You can move in any direction by pressing the arrow keys, and you can jump by pressing the Space bar. You can use items by clicking on them and pressing the space bar again. You can talk to NPCS (non-playable character) by clicking on them.

    How to join another player:

    You can, if the game is in Multiplayer mode. In Offline mode you can just play by yourself.

    How to play for multiplayer:

    You have two options to join a game:

    1.- Online Connection

    If the game is installed in the same network as the game, if you are doing a connection with any of these IP addresses (,, or you will be able to connect to our games using a VoIP connection.

    To connect to our game you will only need to enter the Password of the network that has the game, and if you have the rights you can connect to our game.

    If the game is installed on a computer that has no network connection you can connect to our game using another computer on the same network, if you are doing a connection with any of these IP addresses (,, or you will be able to connect to our games using a VoIP connection.

    2.- LAN Connection

    If the game is installed in the same network as another game or in another computer that has a local network connection, you can join using a local IP address from that network and you will have the option to join the game. To do this open the game in your IP network and click on the Multiplayer Server button and then put the IP of the game where you would like


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Steam
  • Official Website
  • Itunes
  • Play Store
  • Google Play Store

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    * Internet connection
    * 2 GHz CPU
    * 6 GB RAM
    * DirectX 11
    * 1 GB graphics card
    * Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
    * Windows 10
    * Android: 4.1.2+
    * iPad: iOS 6.0
    * iPhone: iOS 5.0 or later
    * iPod touch: iOS 5.0 or later
    * Kindle Fire: 2.3 or later
    * Nook: 4


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