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Download Setup & Crack ○○○ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



The Elder Scrolls online is the famous open world action RPG game by Bethesda, and is developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. The game features a massive world to explore and immense dungeons, having an exciting experience in which you can freely roam the world in an open world format without loading times.
An online world where you can choose to live in your own world or play as one of four guilds, which are Empire, Redguard, Daggerfall, and Cyrodiil. You can also freely visit the other worlds.
The game provides the most comprehensive graphics and the most complex game engine to date.
From the main game menu, you can customize the appearance of your character, the weapon that you will use in the game, the skill that you will use, and the camera.
Gameplay starts automatically after installation, but you can play from your menu or start play to select a character.
During combat, you can enjoy the feeling of fighting with a huge number of players and dynamic action.

▶ Features

◆ Customer Ratings
Average Customer Ratings, products ratings, reviews, comments:

❤️ 【Customer Ratings★★★★★】

△ △ 【Product Ratings★★★★★】

△ △ 【Customer Reviews★★★★★】

△ △ 【Search Ratings★★★★★】

△ △

Welcome to Elden Ring Full Crack Game Official website

▶ About Us

Elden Ring Game is the first open world action RPG in the history of PC, which was released worldwide in July, 2017. By developing the game with a brand new production team, Elden Ring Game has offered a complete new experience in the game industry.

◆ Game contents

■ Story Mode

A bright, new world

In a world of infinite possibilities, characters from four different timelines are thrown together and try to survive in a world where time no longer passes.

Castle of the Endless

From the Castle of the Endless comes the world of the Lands Between, and the game begins.

Demon King’s Decree

The survivors hide in the mountains of the Oblivion Wastes, and only one man is left.

The Persistence of Memory

It is a time of slavery, and the seven domains of the Elden Ring have fallen.

Welcome to Elden Ring Game – The ultimate action RPG

◆ Game design and development


Features Key:

  • Rise to the Level of an Elden Lord
  • Expand Your Powers!
  • Manage the Lands Between
  • Create Your Own Character
  • Feel the Power of Drama
  • Elden Ring Crack

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    Elden Ring Product Key

    “Well, it seems for the most part, I was right on the page.”

    “I totally understand what you mean about being fully immersed in the game.”

    “It was good to see you back, Vic.”

    “The story in this game is probably the most enjoyable I’ve seen out of any game in a long while. The game also looks great, despite its shortcomings.”

    “The story starts off in a fairly nice way, but then you get to the middle and suddenly the story takes a dark turn.”

    “I had a bit of an issue with the load times, but I don’t think that it’s enough to diminish the experience.”

    “Overall, this is a pretty good game. You’ll be able to get some heavy-duty enjoyment out of it.”

    “I actually like the multiple endings and all the different paths to complete this game.”

    “I got a lot of great endings and got to see a lot of different things.”

    “They’re all great and in the end, it doesn’t matter what you do. It makes the experience very immersive and… well… interactive.”

    “The game looks amazing and the sound is fantastic. ”

    “This game is an incredible story that never seems to die down.”

    “The combat is really fun and is similar to the combat from Wolfenstein 2. There are times where it gets repetitive, but if you can get past that, it’s great.”

    “This is the second time I’ve played this game, and I’m still just as impressed by it now as I was the first time.”

    “I really enjoyed the story and felt that there was a lot of room for things to happen.”

    “Each of the characters play differently from one another, which adds a unique experience to the game for each player.”

    “I would recommend this to anyone that loves an adventure.”

    “The main characters are really well voiced and there’s a great plot that develops as you go through.”

    “I really loved this game. I


    Elden Ring Free Download

    NEW GRAPHICS: New light and shadow effects with new perspective and camera angles.

    NEW GAME MODES: The game will offer an optional game mode where you can take on monsters while camping.

    NEW ADVENTURE: There are dungeons, and these are complicated, so be prepared.

    NEW DRAMATIC FEATURES: The control system, points, and action bars are easier and will enable you to quickly customize the character.

    NEW IN-GAME PHYSICAL ANIMATIONS: Touch the battle areas and see them react, and be sure to enjoy a thrilling fight.

    ▼ November 19th DATE

    * The deadline for the request to the store of your favorite weapon has passed.

    * The number of quests that were added to the avatar request has reached more than 1,500.

    * A message regarding the appearance of clothing has been added to the master change request function.

    ▼ November 21st DATE

    ※ If you have purchased an Elder Orb via the in-game shop, please keep it safe for the sake of the next hot update.※ The process of obtaining the Elder Orb has been changed.

    ▼ December 1st DATE

    ※ If you have purchased an Elder Orb via the in-game shop, please keep it safe for the sake of the next hot update.

    * In addition to the updated battle system, a new tutorial where you can quickly get to know the actions of the battle system will be added.※ The grinding count of the NPC battle and NPC companion battle has been changed.

    ※ The “Pala City” in the North-South direction of the Tanith Plains has been added.

    New Grunting Cutlet: New exciting “New Cutlet”, the gourmet custom cutlet that you can send back to the PC.

    Overseer’s Guide (New)

    Overseer’s Guide (New)

    Wedding ceremony picture and cutlet request messages (New)

    NPC battle and NPC companion battle (New)

    Yaaroshinde (New)

    * The fact that the drop rate of various items has been increased has been added to the NPC battle.

    The new dungeon PETA and ZENORIA is available for battles.

    * New quests have been added to the new dungeons.


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    English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean


    Action, RPG,



    Elden Ring Action RPG (video game)

    Major Features:

    Online play: Online play! Link up with other adventurers, and fight monsters together

    Cooperative multiplayer for up to 4 players

    2nd person view

    A deep fantasy story within a unique world

    Mix and match character classes

    Heal using a new system

    Ancient armor

    Over 100 types of armor

    Classic horse riding

    Various melee weapons

    Dual-wield weapons

    Fusion items to upgrade your stats

    Create powerful weapons out of your equipment

    Unique enemies with their own properties

    Unique game scenarios, such as the challenges of boss monsters

    Ride the “Elden Ring” to travel between different places

    Multiple dungeons with challenging puzzles

    Craft level-up items and strengthen yourself in an RPG fashion

    Risk your life to test your skills

    Attack to strengthen your skills for a difference battle

    Deep character customization

    Become powerful by equipping a variety of equipment

    Surprise attacks from skills and weapons

    Get a new attack style from each equipment

    Advanced fusion system allows for even more possibilities

    Upgrade skills and receive new classes

    Class types: Ranger, Monk, Sorcerer

    Customize abilities from available skills

    Customize the skills you


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Install: Run the installer and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Connect/First Run: First run the game to register the crack on your game files so it can be loaded upon a re-install.
  • Run the Game: Run the game, depending on your Windows version, it may need to be restarted.
  • How To Use Crack

    Start Elden Ring and enjoy!

    System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8 (SP1), or Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i7, or AMD Ryzen 3500.
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM at the very least
    • Graphics: DirectX11 API, Shader model 4.2 support, OpenGL 4.3 support, NVIDIA or AMD GPU
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Driver: Windows 7
    • Video Card : NVIDIA or AMD graphics card
    • Storage: 10 GB free disk space
    • Maximum:
      • Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K, AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
      • Memory: 32 GB RAM at the very least
      • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX TITAN X
      • DirectX: Version 11
      • Driver: Windows 7
      • Video Card : NVIDIA or AMD graphics card
      • Storage: 10 GB free disk space

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows XP or greater
    Mac OS X 10.3 or greater
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4, 3.2GHz
    Memory: 1GB (for both RAM and video memory)
    Hard Drive: 8.1GB
    Video: ATI Radeon X1600 256MB with 64MB video memory, DirectX9.0c compatible
    Sound: AD-Lib sound and video card, DirectX 9 compatible
    HDTV Monitor: 1280×720 resolution (16:9 aspect ratio)
    Additional Notes: PC game discs are not suitable for CD


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