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I am delighted to announce that the name Barrow will be added to the List of Shame as the first new two-letter domain name to be issued in the land.

If you weren’t aware of Barrow already, or are from my mid-Atlantic base of operations in Maine, Barrow is the county seat of Middlesex County, the only county to have its border on every single US state. Seriously. Seriously.

On the site itself, there’s already a bit of history on Barrow. First to catch your eye is the fact that the municipality of Barrow was founded by a ferryman named Andrew Barrow, and is the one-time port for the region’s largest city of Bangor. Also interesting is the fact that Barrow’s first high school opened its doors in 1894, and its first public library in 1872, three years before the famed Boston Public Library. Barrow’s first synagogue was established around that time, and its first book-printing press was built in 1876.

Included on the Barrow site (as yet unregistered) is the following statement:

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WBCA ACE Travel Tip of the Day…

… is „Breakfast at the Coronado.”

Last night, my two touring partners and I were so tired of driving that we took our first-ever detour – a 40-minute trip to Coronado for breakfast at the Coronado Beach Club. Before each day, we always look at travel guides for our route and our spending priorities and determine what will be on our „dinner plan” – a meal that gets filled with the highest quality (but the most expensive) food we can find. With that in mind, the Coronado Beach Club came as a pleasant surprise. Not only is it one of the three restaurants that seem to have the best views in the U.S., it is also one of the few

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