You are the Lion of Judah, the chosen warrior who will step out of the rubble and carry the flame to defeat the giants that have held back human progress. As the light of the world, you must conquer the dark orb as you forge a new path toward enlightenment and fulfill the sacred promise to your ancestors.
Key Features:
• A deeply immersive adventure game, starring the Lion of Judah, a new hero in the VR Action Adventure genre.
• Rapidly paced platforming with rewarding puzzle-solving elements.
• Rich archeology and mythology-fueled story to unlock.
• Unique combination of game design, simulation, and technology; Eye of the Temple was produced using cutting-edge Motion Controller features including Wireless Motion Sensing, LabVR, and a custom OS using the Vive ecosystem.

The AR Competition

Short Introduction

The Augmented Reality competition is open for submissions until April 15, 2017.

1. The competition is between an Augmented Reality App and a Website App.
2. Apps are allowed for Google ARCore. Websites are allowed for Google AR.
3. When creating an app, only the first submission will be accepted.
4. Information submitted for the competition may be used for promotion and promotion-related purposes.

Augmented Reality Competition Guidelines

App & Website Guidelines

Information Requirements


The App is hosted on the Google Play Store.
The website will be hosted on the Google Play Store.

Competition Information

App Title:

App name should be as short as possible.

App icon:

App icon should not be greater than 84 X 84 pixels.

App Screenshots:

You can use the link for App Preview on the Play Store.
It is preferable if all screenshots are provided with appropriate captions, but you may use most if not all screenshots for the app.

Data Field:

No data field is required.

App Description:

App description should not exceed 330 characters.

Website Title:

Website name should be as short as possible.

App page:

The app page should not exceed 330 characters.
It must include the following elements:
– A clear description on what the app is and what it does.
– A clear and short description on the relevance of the app for the competition.
– A clear call to action on the website.

Website page:


Dead Era Features Key:

  • HD Graphics and Computer (Cpu)
  • Low poly models
  • Android models
  • Easy and intuitive map creation
  • Omni project editor with split personality.
  • The ability to interact with your game graphics, sounds, animations, the User Interface and other elements

64 bit Windows – Compatibility – APPGameKit (LLVM)

  • 64 bit compatibility
  • 64 bit Intel Virgina x64 or AMD64 EM64T processors.
  • Wide platform support
  • Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.
  • CPU Features required
  • Windows with Intel 4.0 or higher (32 bit or 64 bit, x86 or AMD64)
  • Windows 64 bit operating system
  • Windows 8 Compatibility
  • Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.
  • Required Application/Game Versions
  • Windows 7 Application and AppGameKit,
  • Windows Vista Application and AppGameKit,
  • Windows XP (32bit or 64bit),
  • Any version of Windows XP SP2, SP3, SP4, or Windows 7.


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Travel back to a wondrous 80s world of planes, cats, and magic. Explore a massive interconnected game world and navigate a cast of endearing characters. Fight exciting turn-based battles and take down ferocious bosses! Hundreds of quests to discover in this limitless world.
This game is a reimagining of the classic old school role-playing game that featured in the arcades. We have updated the gameplay to adapt to today’s more mobile, social, and connected world.
Key Features:
* Relive the classic 80s RPG!
– Journey back to a wondrous world, meet characters, and relive a story unlike any other.
– Play hundreds of quests with over 50 hours of content and countless hours of gameplay.
– Explore a massive interconnected game world full of secrets, secrets, and more secrets.
– Play turn-based role-playing combat with exciting combat and great battles.
– Up to four players can join in a world that’s big on friends.
* Revive the 80s Role-playing Game!
– Decide where to go and explore an open game world. There’s an endless number of things to find and do!
– Embark on a journey with over 50 hours of content and countless hours of gameplay.
– Play turn-based role-playing combat in thrilling turn-based combat.
– Fight fierce bosses, lay waste to hundreds of enemies, and go on incredible quests through a living world!
* Share the RPG Experience!
– Relive a story unlike any other with hundreds of quests, loads of character progression, and endless replayability.
– Join up to three friends in an unparalleled multiplayer experience.
– Play through the game alone or take on friends in local multiplayer.
* Crowd-Powered!
– Share your progression and discover amazing things in the game world with the crowd. You can find out what awesome secrets are waiting for you!
Get notified when new content is added to the game by following @AlbinsGaming!
For additional information about the game, visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
About Trademark of Albins
Trademark of Albins Inc is an independent game developer and publisher specializing in retro-styled role-playing games. Check out our website for info on our latest mobile games –
For additional information about Trademark of Albins Inc visit us at


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The game runs a „dumb” flood-fill on each move. The goal is to flood-fill each square with a different colour. Doing this is easy, but the changeover between colours is an a bit of a problem, because when you flood-fill a square, the neighbouring squares nearby become coloured-adjacent.

For each square, the game checks to see if any adjacent squares were previously coloured, and how many of them were. These values are combined in a weighted boolean, which is checked at each move. If it’s true (all adjacent squares were coloured), the new colour is checked against all the other colours (if there is a perfect match, the game sets a special flag for the player).

If the boolean is false, instead we allow two neighbouring squares to be filled in the same colour-group. This is true half of the time at the start, but can be varied by the player with the special flag.

Floating object: The game remembers a „dynamic object” each time it changes colour (indicating the need to change its colour).

Once all the connected squares and moving object have been coloured, the game checks to see if there are any pieces in the connecting chains (an „expanding chute”). If so, it will stop the game, if not it will finish in one of the other colours the chain (i.e. the chain stops growing).



I think that a flood-fill algorithm is the fastest method to check if a grid is coloured completely. It always applies to any colors, but it can’t handle obstructing boundaries.
Another (faster) way is using a Flood-Fill-Go procedure. It always applies to any colors and it can handle obstructing boundaries.
Even some very sophisticated algorithms don’t have good performance in your case. They would spend time to find the perfect color matching, but they wouldn’t be able to satisfy the game requirement.


Finding the complement of $ \left[4\sqrt{2},4\sqrt{3}\right]\bigcup\left[1,1\sqrt{2}\right] $

Find the complement of $ \left[4\sqrt{2},4\sqrt{3}\right]\bigcup\left[1,1\sqrt{2}\right] $.

Using the


What’s new:

The Battle of Frigates was an invasion of England and Ireland by the Spanish Armada in 1588. A Spanish fleet commanded by Don John of Austria intercepted English ships and was destroyed at the Battle of Gravelines and the Battle of the Downs. Two days later, the Spanish fleet anchored off the Isle of Wight and the Spanish soldiers under Miguel de Palafox landed, taking the important port of Bembridge. In the following Battle off Almeida, Spanish soldiers again took the principal English port of Plymouth.

Although the Spanish army and navy lost the main battles of the invasion, the English were caught by surprise and the events of 1588 still rank among the greatest strategic and tactical naval victories of the early modern era. An immediate and pivotal effect of the Spanish invasion of England was to divert considerable resources of England and its allies away from a planned campaign in the Netherlands against the Spanish Empire.

The events leading up to the battle can be represented on a map as follows:

The text of the English response to the proclamation of war is as follows: The Armada (1588) was Spain’s attempt to destroy England’s powers and relations with other European nations by use of a huge fleet. Pope Gregory XIII published the proclamation on 2 September. It was important for the English to’remember’ that 'England’s true quarrel’ was not at all with 'the Church of Rome’ but with the real enemy 'Spain and the Romish Popedom’.

At the time of its armada both Spain and France were subject to Protestant Reformation. When England abandoned Calvinism in 1560, the Reformation had failed in continental Europe. Before 1588 a sustained strategic policy of conquest, particularly in the Protestant states of the Holy Roman Empire, would have secured Spain and France a vast Protestant empire. But Spain’s attempt to destroy England by sea and France by land was unsuccessful and both countries retained their own identities. Spain did not undertake any overseas colonial conquest until the second half of the 17th century. France did undertake colonial expansion at this time but allowed itself to be diverted from a policy of overseas expansion towards a policy of aggrandisement by war.

Pope Gregory XIII and the Spanish Armada
The Pope had apparently received a letter from King Philip II of Spain, dated 29 January 1588, requesting support „for the conquest of England… taking into consideration the Christian interests of His Majesty and for the extension and consolation of the Christian faith in the rest of our kingdoms


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The game takes place in the western part of the Wild West. When you are playing in banking world, it is no coincidence that there are various challenges related to stealing money. You have to be smart to avoid stealing from the sheriff and his deputies. The robbers will shoot, so you have to be fast and accurate to get the money bags.
You must grab the money bags from your window criminals and throw them into the safe.
The sheriff will kill your team if you shoot his men, so you have to be smart to catch the thieves and save your hired guns.
You can move around by using a left or right grip of your controller. You can teleport by’shift+right’ and’shift+left’. You can swing your arms to turn yourself around and be fast.
The game features nice cartoon graphics with lovely characters.
Western Bank [VR] is a fun and challenging game for everybody.
About the Author:
Mike Malyek, founder of the '’ brand and professional designer, develops exciting free and paid VR games.
'’ is an online video game publisher and developer of free virtual reality games. Their first title, 'Perilous Pursuit’ earned a nomination for the 2016 Golden Joystick awards for Best VR Game and Perilous Pursuit 2 won the award for Best VR Game in 2017! They are also the developers of the critically acclaimed 'Indie Game: The Movie’ which won over 30 awards and received an oscar nomination!

About the Game
★ The Jammers are coming!
Beware of the robber!
► Buy now from the App Store here :

► Purchase from Google Play here :

► More Info on the Website :

► Play our Previous Game :

We believe that the future of game development is in VR. Indie Games a.s. has been building games for over nine years. They started out as a regular game development studio in 2011, but when we realized the potential of Virtual Reality we decided to make this jump.
‘Western Bank’ is a western themed, bank heist themed game. You take on the role of the


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System Requirements For Dead Era:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64-bit versions), or Windows Server 2008 (64-bit versions)
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64-bit versions), or Windows Server 2008 (64-bit versions) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.6 GHz) or equivalent
Intel Core 2 Duo (2.6 GHz) or equivalent RAM: 4 GB RAM
4 GB RAM Graphics: Intel Integrated Graphics (Intel HD 3000 or equivalent)
OS: Windows

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