About The Game:
Try to get the best time in Time-trial and beat your friends and scores in Challenge mode.
The game is controlled by a gamepad or a keyboard and the goal is to collect as many points as possible!

Pet Squad Racing is a light-hearted speed-racing game for up to 2 players with cartoon graphics and full of great music and sound effects!

With over 100 different challenges you can test your luck and see if you have got what it takes to beat the game!

There is a physics engine in place that governs movement of all the vehicles and pets.

Your pet obeys traffic signs and collides against the walls if they can, but in the end you should try to avoid such things and win the race.

Speed is your key in Pet Squad Racing and you can speed up, slow down and use other tricks to overtake or get an advantage over your opponents.

There are more than 100 different levels in Pet Squad Racing to race through.

The more challenges you complete, the more difficult they will get.

The game is designed for ages 3+.

Some of the things you can do in Pet Squad Racing:

Race through 100 crazy levels.

All of them are designed to keep you on the edge of your seat and will test your skills.

Try the „Scratch The Clock” challenge and see if you can beat the clock.

Speed through the levels and try to beat your previous best time in Time-trial.

Challenge your friends in local multiplayer.

Challenge your friends in different elimination games and competitions.

Customize your pet with different colors, clothes, accessories and more!

Include your own pet into the game!

Call your friends and race them with your pet.

You can send different cards to your friends to compete with them.

Eliminate your opponents in a race to the finish.

Try to get your opponents in time to send you home.

Eliminate your opponents in time for a special reward.

Find your friends and challenge them!

Share your high scores with your friends and competitors via Facebook and Twitter.

Include your friends and opponents in a race!

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Features Key:

  • Good timing to bash the opponent.
  • Good judgement to determine if an enemy is dead.
  • Good dexterity to control the enemy.
  • Good strength to bash the enemy.
  • Good medicine to heal.
  • Unique weapon! Banquet-meal-lunge, a 1-1.5 second lunge skill!
  • Great score! Ranking to the upper class of burger lord/lord!
  • Character details:

    • Gebb born in a royal court in the country of Zerethuantha.
    • I’ve met the King. And I’m ordained, only a High Queen’s servant. it’s quite hard.
    • Gebb is eager to see how it is at your end of the country.

    Rules for playing the game.

    • Don’t bash an opponent that is blocked by another adversary, please.
    • If you bash an opponent that is blocked by another adversary, please.
    • A bash can only be done when the adversary is away from the barrier(If blocking the bash).
    • You can customize the time of bash, also 0 means the enemy is moving.
    • Own a sheep as the opponent, the monster will not bash you.


    • Grab the enemy by using the holy technique or dash<<if you use holy technique, don’t forget to perform bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri-bang-tri


      Black Cat Adventures For PC [Updated]

      In Sniper Games, you have to use a telescope to pinpoint your enemies by the shots they take.  Control the scope move up, down, left, and right while shooting down your target in front of you, but you need to be 100% perfect to hit the marks!  Fully compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
      Become a super sniper and take on the bad guys with the best guns, the best scope, and the best shooting style.  Weve got a huge selection of guns for you to shoot at your enemies and watch everything fly away!
      The best guns are available for just 1 point each!  Weve got the best guns on the market today!  Choose from Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Sniper Mortars, Sniper Rockets, and Pistols.  With these bad boys, youll be ready to take down the bad guys on any street!
      Are you skilled enough to win this game and become a true Sniper master?

      2. Sniper 3D Arcade Game by Teleport Games[n/a][Free][n/a]
      *** Update: No longer available for Android***
      These Pistol games have not changed much over the years as you can see in the above comparisons and a few other fields that have not been updated to reflect the changes in today’s technology.
      If you are an avid VR gun game player then I am sure you will love this game. It has 15 missions and controls really well. For HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
      This comes in 3D visual styles:
      Normal – Normal
      Extreme – Normal
      Extreme – High Resolution Screenshot
      View Addon here [ If this link is dead, it is still available at the above url.
      Additional Notes:
      1. Unofficial Google Play Store and the „regular” PC version are not included in this listing.
      2. Play a 2D version of this game for Android on the web at [
      3. To play on iOS devices, follow the link above to the App store.
      This is not a paid game


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      Size: 2666 x 2666 px


      Class Schedules

      Class Schedules

      We haven’t heard much from the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 news lately, but we have a surprise in store for all our players.In preparation for the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 release, we have been testing all of our game engine systems to prepare for the launch of the game. This means that we have been working on a complete new version of the game engine. For now, you will only see the class schedules in the game, not the complete scenery. But we wanted to let you know that this system works and it is the base for the whole game.The original game only had the same class schedules for all the NPC characters, so we are trying something new.In Horizon Zero Dawn 2, all of the main characters will have class schedules, just like the original game, but the NPCs will have more classes than the main characters.How do you make characters stand out from the crowd? You give them personality. That’s why we decided to give some of the NPC classes cool names like “Damsel Fighter”, “Dancer”, “Hunter”, “Saboteur” and more.The NPC characters also look more like their real life counterparts, instead of the bland and unrealistic look of the original game. We have spent a lot of time on them and we hope you enjoy the new NPCs. You will find a lot of them on the new Trader Camp that we have been working on.We think that you will like the new NPCs, but if not, we are not going to change them. After all, it would be a bit sad if you hated all of the NPC characters, wouldn’t it?We hope that you enjoy this new version of the game engine and that you have fun playing the new game./*
      * Copyright (c) 2015, 2018, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
      * This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
      * under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 only, as
      * published by the Free Software Foundation. Oracle designates this
      * particular file as subject to the „Classpath” exception as provided
      * by Oracle in the LICENSE file that accompanied


      What’s new in Black Cat Adventures:


      Magia X is back again for more amusing and often bizarre humor. This time we have Jett, a recent addition of a man wearing a cape and claiming to be the infallible X-man. We are then greeted with the scene of a man emptying buckets of water onto a staircase, because he’s upset about his wife following a new “relationship”, but then discovers that „magicks” are real! Soon, discovering he’s too old to understand what’s going on with the magic of the world, except those people who only know all the real stuff and everyone else not really bothered with real things. This sort of crazy story is what Magia X is all about. Enjoy.

      Next, Morgana comes to us in a steamy two-shot with Robin. We are reminded of that well-known sexual tension with two women; is it a direct throw back? Is it also an accidental throwback? Yes, very possible and we are sure to stay to find out more.

      The next three pages comes to us as Robin and Grayson soothes each other’s pains in a hot bath. The chapter title paints a sound picture of fun by saying, “Make Believe”. We also are given a beginning scene before this page tells us, “The Baddest Blues”, as we are feeling somewhat lonely tonight. When we are confronted with the intense red color by the main character, “Jett”, who is being processed by a black bin and the evil white circle or line of white people surrounding this black bin, Jett is yelling for help. The circle never answers his pleas and continues to destroy him. We learn that the black bin is filled with the evil black circle. We are given by black circle degradation:

      “Relax… you deserve it.”

      “You’ve been nothing but a lousy husband to me…”

      “You’ve been nothing but a real jerk.”

      Then, a hum of nastiness shows that the man is in pain as the evil circle is chanting:




      And then, the evil black circle tries to break free from the black bin. At the same time, another evil circle of white people is trying to relax a sadist from the scene, as they move in


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      Viticulture is a fun worker placement game for 2 to 6 players where the players in the role of winemakers work together to build a functioning vineyard and winery. The players will start the game with just a few plots of land, a crushing pad, and a small cellar, but through the course of the game they will build an impressive vineyard and winery that will rival any other.
      The players will have a limited amount of money to spend on building their vineyard, but they will have the help of visitors to increase how quickly their winery can expand. They can also plant new vines and expand their cellar. However, they must spend money and time (in the form of workers) to accomplish these actions. They can hire new workers in the form of cards that give them a bonus, but the players have to consider the wishes of these helpers when they assign them to jobs.
      The game ends when all the players have reached the goal of having the winery their dream winery, or when they are no longer able to gain any additional victory points.
      This DLC gives players the opportunity to give their players a chance to visit and even live in their winery for a period of time during the game.
      About the Curse of the Cursed
      The Curse of the Cursed is the fifth DLC for Viticulture, a fun worker placement game where the players take on the role of owners of a pre-modern vineyard. The name of this DLC refers to the idea of the players being in a curse because of the place they inherited: a small vineyard in a remote part of the world.
      That curse is a metaphor for the difficulties they experience as they try to build up their vineyard, and in fact, as the players build their winery it will start to crumble around them as the curse begins to take effect. The players can do some things to try to overcome the curse, but it will only get worse if they don’t.
      There are bonuses that the players can use to try and make things a little better for their winery, and they can also help out their neighbors and other visitors. The Curse of the Cursed DLC gives the players 10 winery cards in addition to those they already have.
      The players must balance keeping the winery functional, keeping the curse from taking over, and they can do either or both.
      The one thing that the players can be sure of is that the curse will eventually overtake them, and it will be up to the players to see if


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    In pushing for a public inquiry, Mayor Rob Ford and his allies oppose any perceived inquiry into their own behaviour.

    But Ford’s councillors say they want a full, independent, public inquiry.

    “I want to look into my own future, if there is an inquiry,” Ford said in an interview. “I’d love to go but … I’m not sure that would be the best thing.”

    The Toronto Police Service has given up on getting the mayor to do his job and regard the council’s endorsement of an independent inquiry as a mark of progress.

    After months of refusing to take part in any investigation into anything linked to the incumbent mayor’s 11-month, racist, homophobic tirade against a Toronto Star reporter, Toronto Police Supt. Ron Taverner has gone public, warning citizens that the new opposition’s agenda will explode city hall into a “constitutional crisis.”

    His concerns are well founded. A chorus of accusations made by the far right echoing through the country herald a return to the days when fascism was on the march. If they and their right-wing sympathizers are salivating at the prospect of the far right again running the country and eventually the city of Toronto, their eyes should turn to the council, where Ford’s allies are sitting in control.

    Meacham’s decision is the result of a months-long process



    System Requirements:

    Please be advised that this game is currently incompatible with the recent Epic Games Store update and does not operate on the Epic Games launcher.
    The following graphics settings have been reduced to compensate for this incompatibility:
    Normal is limited to 2560×1440, whereas it should be limited to 3840×2160.
    VSync is limited to 24 FPS, whereas it should be limited to 30 FPS.
    Combat is a combat focused first-person shooter game where you are an elite soldier in the elite line of Delta Green, a special covert organization



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