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White Mirror is an action/adventure game with RPG elements that sets in Medieval Europe. You will be able to meet with the Goddess in the sky and bring its powerful weapon so that you can protect the world from evil.
You will have a character class, developed by various skills, will have a weapon, reach the Goddess and go through dungeons searching for magic items.

The lesson? Focus on one thing. You could be doing many things and putting much effort into them, but if you have to do it for too long it can become overwhelming and eventually stressful. Avoid that.
How to change your attention:

First of all, notice that you are focusing your attention and change that by looking at other subjects.

If that doesn’t work out, break your focus on the one subject and divide your attention between two. If that doesn’t work, divide your attention between two people or things.

Focusing your attention is not meant to be done at the expense of your health. It is often perfectly possible to do things simultaneously for different subjects or people.

I like to think of this as letting go of the rope, allowing oneself to fall. It is not a painful fall. It is a fall, but it is enjoyable.
Your attention is like the length of rope we are holding. If we drop it, we can fall, but we are supported by a rope. If we could see it, we can see that the length is variable, but the support is always there. That is the attention.
What about stress and disease?
Well, stress is not actually a bad thing. Research shows that people who are stressed can perform better, can get more done, that they think there is less of a chance of stress actually making them ill or making them become ill, that they are more productive at work, and also they become more productive, they perform better at school and so on.
I would say that being stressed, giving much attention to one subject is no different from healthy attention. In fact, healthy attention is stressful. One of the reasons is that we have a natural negativity bias, that is, we automatically judge everything that happens, including good stuff, as bad.
The other reason being, I believe, that the most dangerous times for the brain are when we have no distraction and so attention is only available to one subject.


Always Higher Features Key:

  • Game Includes three scenarios(Front,Slaughter,Hacking).
  • Each scenario has unique 6 missions in it
  • Each mission has three difficulty levels:Easy,Medium,Hard.
  • You can play easily and find yourself… with increasing difficulty
  • You can complete any mission at any difficulty without skip
  • Movement control in different numbers is -Dpad and sim button
  • You can buy some items in the shop… for some price..(money)
  • You can buy some items in the shop… for some price..(vive)
  • You can buy some items in the shop… for some price..(Oculus)