– Character: Each character will have its own role
– Missions: Acquire food in cities by playing various quests.
– Traffic: Move around in cities.
– War System: Players can use a special ability called „vibration” to deal blows.
– Romance System: Can maintain a special romantic relationship.
– Cooking: Can cook food by day and eat it by night.
– Quest System: Players can learn lessons by attending lessons and complete quests.
– PvP War System: Fight against enemy players in battle.
– Tutorial: In-game tutorial is under development.
– Interactive: Players can interact with the game through touch and voice.
– Relaxive: Enjoy the game’s atmosphere.
– Internationalized: Designed with many characteristics of western game companies, especially at the graphics and sound.
– Particpants: Players can add more friends to meet their status.
– Support: Support at any time.
– User friendly: Easy to use and understand.
– Simple: The menus of game have been simplified.
– Smooth: All the movements of game have been smoothed.
– Big pleasure: Attractive animations and atmosphere is more refreshing.
– Chinese Menu Interface: Designed to simulate the Chinese dishes, etc.
– Delicacy: Contains a lot of tasty dishes
App Screenshot:
– For more information:
For any question, please contact:
– Da Rong (Sales):
Email: [email protected]
Wechat ID: mechumaro
This game will still be free-to-play from 2017. It still supports iOS devices and we are still working on Android version.

Chinese cuisine is famous all over the world, and its food culture has a long history, which includes the Chinese people’s love for cuisine.
Over thousands of years, eight major cuisines of Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan and Anhui have gradually evolved.
„Master Boy” is a happy-paced third-person cartoon casual role-playing game with Chinese cuisine as the theme.
Players can communicate with friends and accept tasks in charming urban areas:
Exterminate invaders, defend farms and beaches, collect ingredients:
Get rewards and


Features Key:

  • 3 hero-modes [head-to-head, time, score]
  • fast-action gameplay [simulate on-the-fly graphics]
  • controller support, from PS2 pad to Wiimote.
  • antialiased graphics
  • decent replayability with 24 different stages of 3-11 levels
  • player-controlled stage select
  • in-game statistics
  • 120fps rendering
  • auto-save
  • online scoreboards / ranking
  • Controller Enhancement (temporarily does not features)
  • controller save configuration (results in poor performance)
  • Remote control using HDMI pad

Game Controls

  • PS2 pad buttons
  • Wiimote (Wiimote button emulation)
    that key presses! [also double-tap the Wiimote to perform superpower butons! see below]
    no need to have the Wiimote in your hand, or grip anything.
  • tapping the Wiimote’s screen will emulate an „airtap” that uses motion sensing to distinguish what you’re tapping from just touching the screen (== button press).
    test: tap the screen with continuous rapid tapping (multiple fingers) or slow (one finger)
    > around 1.5 times faster hit the hard button to begin.


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Roguelite 2 is an action/RPG set in the world of Three Goats and a Robot.You take on the role of Grolsy, an adventurer traveling on an epic journey of self-discovery while battling hordes of monsters. It is the year 2500 and Grolsy is the most wanted outlaw in this fair kingdom. After being banished from his home, a huge bounty has been placed on Grolsy’s head. Along the way, however, Grolsy’s journey of self-discovery takes an unexpected turn and he must make a tough decision. Will Grolsy set out to reclaim his honor and reputation as a man or will he run away? The choice is his to make.
Roguelite 2 is a roguelike dungeon crawler with turn-based gameplay. As an adventurer who survives in the 50-floor dungeon, Grolsy gains EXP to level up his skills. The game features unique special techniques, weapons and armor that require a combination of strong defense, attack and coordination. Meanwhile, Grolsy will use his skills to heal teammates, flee from danger or mop up with a powerful attack. Throw in a complex battle system and an awesome story, and you have an epic party RPG!
Roguelite 2 is a game that stays true to the Roguelike Dungeon Crawling legacy, yet comes with a twist! The game features turn-based combat where the fight takes place on a square grid and your position is counted each time a round is finished. With the magic of SNES and Yu-Gi-Oh, Roguelite 2 lets you fight in tactical style: players decide when to attack and when to defend. Attacks require a simple, intuitive tap on the attack button to hit their foe, while knowing when to block is just as important: the luck of the attack may vary and you don’t want to waste your time blocking when your opponent has a free shot.
Roguelite 2 lets you play your way. There are plenty of possibilities to maximize a character’s strengths and weaknesses, and the possible combinations are endless. The challenge lies in balancing everything properly. The same goes for battles: the composition and choice of weapon matter a lot in the success of the battle.
There are no real limits on what kind of character you can create. Choose any class and unlock the skills it needs to battle the 100+ monsters you will face in the game. The equipment you find in the dungeons or purchase in the town changes your character’s stats, so it’s


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A mission-based single-player real-time strategy game, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock brings a story-driven strategic combat experience to life. Featuring the most iconic characters, ships, and locations from the Battlestar Galactica universe, the game represents a dedicated effort to recreate some of the deadliest clashes throughout the Battlestar Galactica timeline.In your Starbuck (replacement ship), an ATAS equipped Viper to speak of, guide you through the early missions. As the game progresses, youll unlock new gear and vehicles to aid you in your quest to uncover the deadly truth behind Lachesis. Once youve reached your goal, the game provides two unique modes of play. Its first mode will take you through a campaign comprised of 11 original storyline missions. Youll quickly discover that missions arent the only thing in abundance in Deadlocks world. Raids, territorial disputes, pillaging, and ship-to-ship assaults are also commonplace, and heavily influenced by the outcome of missions. In each of these missions, you will find the deadliest risk in the Galaxy- The Skulls. The Skulls are bounties given out to specific players- usually the most distinguished- whose squadrons have achieved a specific objective. Decide whether youre ready to risk your life for the cause. Include yourself on a wave of precision Cylon bombing? Are you bold enough to risk direct assault of an enemy carrier? These choices determine the Skulls youre ultimately rewarded with. In addition to the story missions, an additional mode is provided for both single and multiplayer. Players can play through the campaign as either the Colonials or the Cylons.After completion of the main campaign, youll also be rewarded with a unique bonus mission to determine the outcome of the final stand of the Cylons. Each side will have their own set of objectives to complete- and the final confrontation between the two will be decided by the player. With Galactica Deadlock, play the role of the master strategist as you guide your fleet to victory.

What’s New in Version
– New Arc Wall AI – Colonials will attack the wall on contact
– New Roman Eagle arc AI – Colonials will attack the wall on contact
– New Corvus arc AI – Colonials will attack the wall on contact
– New Cylon Hierarchy – CylonCohort now have ships that are more aggressive in battle
– New Cylon Atmosphere System


What’s new in A Gay’s Life:

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