Wild Times is a retro-styled, top-down shooter with weapons improvements. It is inspired by the great classics of the 80’s like Starflight or Bionic Commando, the 8-bit version of Super Paper Mario, Bionic Commando Rearmed and the gating shooters, but Wild Times is a game with more focus on a different kind of game-play.
Wild Times sees your Bounty Hunter walking around, performing different tasks and shooting at everything that comes his way. Your friends are just there to help you. With some special items you can improve your Bounty Hunter and be the best bounty hunter you can be.
It features a wider range of weapons than other games with similar game-play and a huge world to explore and experience the game’s different worlds.
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Toxic Wasteland 2017-WildStar 2.5

Toxic Wasteland 2017
Wildstar 2.5
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Developed by Warfare Simulations for PC, Command: Modern Operations is a ground-breaking simulation franchise that explores life at the epicentre of modern conflict.
Producing high-fidelity, high-resolution, turn-based tactical combat, players don’t just experience war, they shape it.
Conscripts are given access to an interactive, branching campaign system, which allows them to advance their individual career, achieving higher status and making meaningful choices.
The campaign experience is complemented by a world of military tactics and strategy, with over 100 customizable units that players can use in a wide range of conflicts across four unique battlefields.
Command: Modern Operations allows players to take control of land, sea or air forces from World War II and further back, to the present day, facing tough and highly-detailed AI opponents.Ask HN: What are good places to learn all the things I have no idea about? – alexellisuk
Well, you can start by writing a decent tutorial. A lot of people in here will
agree with me that writing will help you a lot.

Other than that, you can ask and solve many problem on stack exchange. With
those rules, you can narrow down your research on places to read more

But, basically, I’d say just try to make things you don’t know and solve.

Google Q3 Earnings: The Little Things That Matter and The Biggest Problem

Google Q3 Earnings: The Little Things That Matter and The Biggest Problem

Google Q3 Earnings: The Little Things That Matter and The Biggest Problem

Google Reports Q3 Earnings

Google has reported earnings for the three months of 2018, and it has come away rather successfully. The report, however, has one significant problem in relation to Google. That problem is a huge one, and it threatens to be a derailment for the company.

It is easy to be a little smug, with those in control of the US government having such a good time of it, that they make efforts to suppress any who have even the slighest trace of “leftism”.

It is even easier to read reports from an accounting firm like Deloitte and to have a look at some of the results, and to think that it does not matter what the government does, or how bad it is for society.

That may


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Your job: Engage in bizarre, fair trade acts of petting and taming to ensure the local wildlife is Happy, Fed, and Comfortable. A front line of defense from dangerous marine predators and meteorites, all for the greater good of the galaxy. Experience an original take on the classic PetSim game genre, with a new way to fulfill the social contract with the local fauna.
• Multiplayer Simulator with drop-in/drop-out gameplay, no configuration, no mode
• An astronaut living on the edge of the galaxy, on a planet thousands of miles from the nearest spaceport
• Earn money and amass the resources to boost your game title, or just have fun
• More than 50 pets to choose from
• Pet different breeds of exotic animals, and give them all unique personality traits
• Grow your base to the limit, build factories, automate petting
• Customize local flora and fauna, and make your world’s wildlife your own
• Collect hilarious, hilarious hats
• Invest in a truly fair economy with certificates, crop futures, and space-age currency
• Can you create a proper space elevator?
• Play solo or with friends
• Get four player chat, up to 64 players on one map
• Two player split-screen multiplayer
• New and improved visuals and gameplay
• See the planet in stunning detail
• Unique, outlandish visuals and animations
• Fully customizable UI, HUD, and PetXP
• Improved controls
• Improved A.I., new obstacle avoidance and facility management
• 20+ new achievements
– The first 360-degree space elevator simulation
– Engage in crazy, fair trade acts of exotic petting to ensure the planet’s wildlife is Happy, Fed, and Comfortable!
– Design the fun and quirky aspects of your economy
– Play a world game
• New space elevator and facility building
• New sentient animal companion pet
• Full roster of different exotic pets
• Play solo or in multiplayer
• Hire aliens
• Play now and unlock more and more pets with every new release
• Play now and unlock cool achievements for your troubles!
• All pets are a single purchase, no monthly subscriptions
What’s New in This Version:
• Game now saves your chosen room over sessions
• Difficulty level options made visible
• No more default difficulty! You can now set the difficulty at your leisure.
• Wait time now displayed in game
• Fixed a


What’s new:

is a 5e Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) adventure. It was written by Jonathan Roberts (@Traxdaddy) and designed by Sarah Martin (@foreversarah). It’s set in the Forgotten Realms, on the adventure path of the 5e D&D game. It’s appropriate for characters level 10-15 and when you’re just starting out on your adventures or you’re just ready to finish your favorites adventuring party off.

The adventure is designed for a party of 6-8 Player Characters (PCs) to run through on their own or with only a little DM oversight or help. It’s divided into two sections, one for the players and one for the DM – a little DM-Only part in the beginning, then separating themselves and finally a second part divided into two different fights. The final fight is a battle with an Old God entity that brings together two of the most iconic (and powerful) Old God Titans, the hugomancer and the titan lord for an epic fight.

As the final battle wraps up, the DM has an epic moment of awesome, the PCs have a thrilling chase, and the characters gather for an epic speech about their good character-building experiences and, really, none of these things are necessary – but, it’s what the author wanted. The setting is divided into three parts. First, there’s a town in a campaign setting where characters come from. Second, is the cave where the adventure takes place, which is a long, cold, dark, run-down residence, “in service” to a young powerful titan lord. Finally, is the fight with the titans, which is a huge and incredible space for the characters.

Dungeon Avenger‘s Intro

All characters are on level 10, just started out. The PCs are going to find out what’s in this town on an undercover mission and will probably locate the titans – if this adventure path is configured correctly, they should.

The DM knows that they’re tracking the titans to their lair and is going to lead them there. Expect your DM to have a plan when they explore the lair.

The DM will expect the players to explore the lair (and be careful about that statement… you have to know your DM if this is a new/new-to-role-playing thing for them and expects you guys to just crawl around the lair being scared


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Originally inspired by „Door Defender”, „DoorGuardian” is an action game developed by „2F-Games” for Steam and Android platforms.
Players must climb and push over boxes to avoid falling down.
As players push boxes, they are forced to dodge moving platforms.

Enjoy this video and get to know more about the Android game, „DoorGuardian”.
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    Test rsort() function
    10, 'baz’


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP/Windows 7/Mac OS X 10.7 or later
    Processor: Intel Pentium II 350 MHz or faster with 1 GB RAM (64-bit versions only)
    Memory: 200 MB available memory
    Video Card: GeForce2 GTS video card with 64 MB or faster
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Input: Keyboard and mouse
    Network: Wired network connection
    Sound Card: DirectX sound card with 16-bit sound card and 8-channel or more
    Additional Notes:


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