Dictators : No Peace is a fun simulation game and your mission is to become the best dictator of the world.

Your gold reserves are limited, so you need to acquire as much as you can by colonizing the world.
This is a open world game, so you can explore the world and colonize as you wish.
If you colonized the world, you will have access to the resources at other game cities.
If you want to colonize the other cities, you can use your gold reserves to buy the resources.
You also have the freedom of buying troops, ships, weapons and upgrades from other players.
The leaderboard shows the top diktators of the world.

This dictator simulation game is made as a game designer project. It is not commercial so it
is free for everyone. You can play Dictators : No Peace.

***Dictators : No Peace is a game, where the Humble Indie Bundle developers are roleplaying as a dictator.
Play as a dictator of your favourite country and colonize the world.

Become the greatest President of your country and the greatest dictator of all time.
Have fun playing Dictators : No Peace.

What’s new? (
-Bug fix

What’s new? (
-This is a technology release to try some new things
-Colonization :Improvements
-Bug fix

What’s new? (
-Start of the game

What’s new? (
-Open Source Product

Check the Credits video.
And the Dictators : No Peace Download video.

If you have a suggestion for us or a problem you have with Dictators : No Peace,
we are more than happy to read it, so please let us know.
If you want to help us to improve Dictators : No Peace,
please tell us your opinion and ideas.

All rights reserved.
Maximilian Kolbe is the Creative Director & Developer of the game.
He’s a Polish Game Developer for years, he is owner of game company GameCraft


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